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SpatialChat Changelog

Stay in the loop with the latest features, improvements,
and fixes we've implemented in SpatialChat.

Welcome back to our SpatialChat News Digest👋

It’s been a while since we last connected through our news updates, but rest assured, our silence has been anything but quiet.

Today, we're excited to share news, updates, and novelties to enrich your SpatialChat experience. From crucial product updates to introducing new offerings, this digest is packed with information we can’t wait for you to explore.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the latest developments that are set to make your SpatialChat journey even more enjoyable and seamless!


Product Updates

The past few months have been bustling with activity. We have been diligently addressing minor issues, rolling out updates, and introducing new products we're excited to share.

DND Mode update

We've taken your feedback seriously. Thanks to our vigilant user community, an issue with the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode came to our attention.

We've temporarily disabled DND mode and are currently investigating to provide a permanent fix✨

Spring-themed backgrounds

We're thrilled to introduce a new collection of spring-themed backgrounds, perfect for remote offices, special events, or casual gatherings with friends. These backgrounds are now available in your space within the backdrop gallery, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to your meetings.

For more dynamic and thematic options, don't forget to visit the SpatialChat Center, where we continuously expand our selection to enhance your virtual presence.

We’re dedicated to addressing your concerns, implementing your suggestions, and always moving forward with innovations that enhance your virtual interaction experience.

On-Premise Suite: New product announcement

We're proud to unveil the SpatialChat On-Premise suite — a bespoke solution crafted with the highest data privacy and governance standards in mind.

This solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your IT environment, offering unprecedented control and customization.

  • Tailored deployment and maintenance
    Gain total control over the deployment and ongoing maintenance of the SpatialChat platform. This autonomy allows you to customize the setup to fit your organizational needs and IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration within your domain.
  • Uncompromised data management and security
    With the SpatialChat On-Premise suite, your business can confidently navigate the complexities of compliance and data privacy. This solution places all data management squarely under your governance policies, making it an ideal choice for organizations subject to strict data protection regulations.

As we continue to innovate, the SpatialChat On-Premise suite is a testament to our commitment to providing secure, flexible, and customized communication solutions that cater to the intricate needs of modern businesses.

Unlocking Virtual Creativity: SpatialChat Useful Articles

Engaging participants — whether attendees at an event, colleagues in a meeting, or students in an online class—demands innovative strategies.

This section features articles brimming with creative mechanics designed to captivate and maintain your audience's attention. Explore these resources to discover various techniques that can transform your virtual spaces into hubs of interaction and creativity, ensuring every session is attended and truly experienced.

Mastering the Art of Video Background Selection

Choosing the perfect virtual background is more than just about looks—it's a thoughtful choice that shapes the environment, boosts creative interaction, and creates a setting ripe for engaging exchanges.

Beyond just masking those pesky background interruptions, these backgrounds offer a canvas for corporate branding, turning every virtual encounter into an opportunity to reinforce brand identity.

Whether you're a professional looking to elevate your virtual meetings, an educator aiming to captivate your students, or simply seeking to enhance your virtual hangouts with friends, this guide provides valuable tips.

MozFest Case: Gamification of Networking

Interactive activities have a profound impact on participants in virtual events. They are dynamic, infusing energy and engagement into the atmosphere. Integrating these activities is beneficial even in formal events, as they break the ice, foster interaction, and make the experience memorable for attendees.

Take, for example, MozFest, which is organized by Mozilla. When MozFest moved to a virtual format on the SpatialChat platform, it retained its vibrant spirit of community and creativity, partly thanks to the inclusion of interactive games.

Be sure not to overlook the article penned by Randy, a developer involved with the game. His comprehensive review offers insight into the game's mechanics and features. This article will be a valuable resource for event organizers, providing them with essential insights and knowledge.

By integrating such a game, MozFest enhanced participant engagement, encouraged exploration of complex topics, and facilitated meaningful connections among attendees.

Gamification of Online Classes

Let's talk about the magic of interactive activities in language learning classes! It's not just about keeping learners glued to their screens; it's about making the learning journey more effective and fun.

Did you know that when we bring games and quizzes into our online learning, we're actually turbocharging the learning process?

Studies show that using interactive elements like games can boost student productivity by up to 50%.

The blog hosted by the International Center for Language Studies features an insightful article by Edwige Simon, PhD, the Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning. In this text, Simon highlights an engaging escape game designed for students and offers valuable guidance on game development for educators and tutors.

Good games are hard to design. You need to develop a compelling and coherent scenario and challenges that are just difficult enough to keep the students engaged. In the game I designed, some challenges are on the more difficult side. Some of the links are a bit hidden in the background. If the game is too easy, students will solve it in a few minutes. If it’s too hard, they’ll give up.

This resource is an excellent example for those looking to integrate interactive learning methods into their teaching strategies.

Language Learning Games: Quest Games in SpatialChat
Engage students in immersive language learning games using Spatial Chat, puzzle games, and mystery games to enhance learning and collaboration.

It's all about creating those cool connections that turn learning into an adventure!

Welcome to SpatialChat News Digest #8, your go-to source for all the latest happenings and insights from the world of SpatialChat!

In this edition, we're excited to bring you a collection of useful materials, amazing Black Friday specials, and all the details about an upcoming virtual education event that you won't want to miss.

Let's explore together what's new and noteworthy!


What’s new with the product?

The SpatialChat development team is diligently working to enhance your platform experience. We're currently implementing small updates aimed at increasing convenience and efficiency. Notably, we're adding the ability to switch your camera and microphone using hotkeys, making your interactions on the platform smoother and more intuitive.

These subtle yet significant improvements are all part of our commitment to continually evolve SpatialChat to meet your needs.


Moving on to the highlight of this edition: our Black Friday Special! We're excited to announce an exclusive offer for SpatialChat users:

For a limited time, enjoy a substantial 24% discount on our annual plans, including Regular, Startup, and Enterprise.

This special promotion is our way of saying thank you for being a part of the SpatialChat community.

Remember, this offer is valid only until November 24, 2023! So don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your experience with us at an incredible value.


Revolutionizing online learning with "The Interaction Crisis" event

At SpatialChat, we are on a mission to revolutionize the virtual classroom experience, making it as engaging and interactive as in-person learning.

Join us for an enlightening and transformative event: "The Interaction Crisis: Reshaping synchronous online education"✨

Date: November 21st, 2023
Time: 5:00 PM WET

This event is not your typical webinar; it's an interactive meetup specifically designed for educators. Our goal is to address a significant challenge in online education: creating synchronous learning environments that are both engaging and interactive.

Reserve your virtual seat now and be part of this groundbreaking event.

Let’s come together to elevate online learning and create something truly remarkable🔥

Get ready for the Сhristmas with SpatialChat

As the festive season approaches, it's time to get into the Christmas spirit with SpatialChat🎄

We are delighted to inform you that our SpatialChat Center now features a variety of Christmas backgrounds, perfect for different occasions and events. These festive backgrounds will surely add a touch of holiday cheer to your virtual spaces.

Additionally, we highly recommend reading our guide on creating a Christmas space in SpatialChat. This guide has tips and ideas to help you design a festive and engaging virtual environment for your holiday gatherings.

How to organize a virtual Christmas party | SpatialChat Blog
We as a team decided to make remote and safe online Christmas party. We want to share how to properly prepare your online holiday event.

Exciting news awaits you next week🎉 We are preparing two special offers to make your Christmas event creation a breeze. These offerings are designed to simplify and enhance your experience in hosting memorable Christmas events:

  • A Good-To-Go Christmas Space featuring different zones, including a Christmas room, award ceremony area, party zone, karaoke, and fun Christmas games.
  • A Christmas Escape Game is an excellent option for team building and adding an interactive element to your event.

These offerings are designed to simplify and enhance your experience in hosting memorable Christmas events.

Stay tuned for our upcoming news and be the first to take advantage of these festive specials!

Welcome to this news digest, highlighting the latest developments and updates from SpatialChat. We’re back with some fresh updates just for you!

Curious to know what’s been brewing at SpatialChat HQ? Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive right in!


What’s new with the product?

First, a big shoutout to our SpatialChat development team, who've been burning the midnight oil! Most of our energy was channeled into ironing out minor bug fixes, but that's not all.

Spooky update: Halloween hats & backgrounds on SpatialChat

In the spirit of the season, we've introduced a fun, festive update: Halloween hats are now available on the platform to customize your avatar🎃

You can dive into the specifics and learn in this detailed article.

But wait, there's more!

We're also embracing the Halloween vibe by rolling out themed backgrounds that will add a touch of the eerie and whimsical to any room🕸️ Now, your virtual gatherings can be both productive and festively fun.

Get ready to host your meetings, hangouts, or virtual Halloween parties with an extra dose of creativity🎃

Introducing the SpatialChat Center!

We’ve always believed in empowering our users with information. Meet the SpatialChat Center - your one-stop hub for all things SpatialChat🤩

It is an arsenal of resources to ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips. We've curated and crafted each resource with you in mind, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge to harness the full power of SpatialChat.

Here's what's inside:

  • Knowledge Base: It’s a SpatialChat encyclopedia! Get the lowdown on all our features and some neat tricks.
  • Changelog: A diary of our adventures and updates.
    *Spoiler: It’s filled with lots of fun twists and turns!
  • Use Cases Guide: Need ideas? Our brainy team has shared some epic ways you can rock SpatialChat.
  • Customer Stories: Real tales from our amazing users. Get inspired and share your story with us!
  • SpatialChat Blog & Help Center: Think of this as your SpatialChat magazine. Filled to the brim with handy tips and stories.

Do check it out when you can. We put our hearts into it, hoping it’ll be your trusty sidekick on SpatialChat adventures.

Empowering remote teams through enhanced mentorship

Mentoring in the digital space? Yep, it's HUGE. And this September, we took a deep dive into remote mentorship between those exciting product updates.

We were thrilled to back the "Remote Mentorship 101: Unlocking Your Team's Potential in the Remote Workplace" event. Big thanks to SafetyWing for putting it together! And guess what? Danny Chepenko from the founding team grabbed the mic to share his wisdom. Danny's chat on the value of mentoring across all team tiers was pure gold.

Being part of this and spreading the mentorship love was such a buzz. If you missed the event, the recording is available for viewing here. We encourage everyone to gain insights from the shared expertise.

Five ways to Foster a culture of Mentorship in remote teams
Mentoring is foundational in professional development, and you could argue even more so in the case of distributed teams, where working at a distance requires that team relationships get an extra level of care and attention. On September 12th, SafetyWing hosted an engaging and insightful live webi…

New Customer Story: Strengthening unity in online education

Even with all the at SpatialChat Center this month (hello to 30+ fresh articles and a whopping 200 updates), we've got more exciting news up our sleeves!

This month, we present a case study from the University of Liverpool🪄

Anchoring Educator Unity in Interactive Conferences | University of Liverpool and CIE
The University of Liverpool and CIE recognized the need for a more inclusive, innovative, and engaging event that would transcend borders and time zones, promoting global connectivity in the educational sector.

This event emphasizes the importance of unity among educators. It's not solely about exchanging knowledge but creating a cohesive community of educators. However, traditional conferencing tools can sometimes restrict this sense of unity, providing static environments that limit genuine interactions.

Leveraging this understanding, the University of Liverpool, in partnership with CIE, envisioned an event defying borders and time constraints. Their initiative, "Islands of Innovation," aimed to knit educators worldwide. By leveraging SpatialChat, they set the stage for vibrant discourse on educational novelties and jointly envision education's future landscape.

Happy reading, and here's to more enlightening journeys together✨

New achievements for your support

We're thrilled to announce that, thanks to our valued customers' feedback, we've been honored with the Fall 2023 Leader and so on Award on the G2 platform!

This accolade now shines proudly on our website

Your continued support and valuable insights drive our growth and success!

Thank you for being a part of our journey❤️

Stay awesome, and catch you soon!

Dear SpatialChat users,

This is Almas, founder of SpatialChat.

I would like to inform you that we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on September 24th, 2023, at 12pm GMT+3 time. There will be a service interruption lasting approximately one hour during this time.

This maintenance is crucial for our company as we are updating our technology stack to be more economically viable for us to run without compromising the high quality of video and audio delivered to our users. We were working on this update for entire summer as our homework and picked a date on which both we will be ready and no large serious events by our customers are planned to the best of our knowledge.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary interruption, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we work to improve our platform for you❤️ Please be informed that slight reconnection issues might be possible due to gradual relinking of video infrastructure across all users.

🤔If you have any questions or concerns, please drop a message at or leave a comment here.

Almas Abulkhairov,
Founder of SpatialChat

We are excited to announce the latest edition of the news digest for July 2023.

This month, there is a lot to share, including fantastic new product updates, a collaborative online workshop, and more.
Also, we would like to share some valuable tips for effective co-creation and collaboration in online spaces and a new case study best practices for enhanced interactivity in virtual classrooms.

Hope you enjoy this edition of the SpatialChat news digest!

Our team has been working hard this month to improve SpatialChat. There has been a number of changes to the platform, aimed to make it more functional, user-friendly, and valuable. Please find features and improvements we have cooked below:

  • We’ve recently updated self-service plans Lite and Regular!
    They are now available in your Space or Dashboard, with a capacity of up to 50 people. A 7-day free trial for a 10-people capacity will give you a chance to see how the platform works and to decide if it’s right for you.
  • With the new button for Bug reports it’s now possible to send error reports directly from the space
    If you encounter any issues, simply click on the “Bug report” button and submit a report with a description of your problem. Thus, we will be able to find out and fix it asap.
  • For all elements in Breakout and Workplace rooms, the pop-up block for locked element got hidden for those users who do not have the right to unlock it. Meanwhile, menus for general blocks should remain visible for all users, no matter if they are locked or not.
  • The permission to download is added to the Pdf settings, and only Space admin and File owner are now allowed to change it
    If the permission is enabled, all users with different rights can download the file; while if the permission is disabled, no one in the space is allowed to download it. By default, downloading such files is allowed.
  • Room entry logic
    Previously, users entered the space and automatically got into the first room which was open and not put into a folder. Now, when you enter using your space link, you join the first space room even if it is hidden in the folder.
  • Private area set up
    We added a permission setting which allows to open or close private areas for guests. Try to play around with this permission in the space settings to add flexibility to your private meetings. Guests are meanwhile allowed to add and manage private areas by themselves.

We’ve hosted “Collaborative Sparks” workshop that explored co-creation in the remote landscape. Our special guest, Ronen Gafni from FreshBiz introduced his latest project - virtual co-working, Kula Village, created on SpatialChat.

From his perspective of a co-author of the book “The New Entrepreneurz“ and a visionary global trainer, he shared online collaboration and co-creation best practices for remote teams and communities.

Check out the cutest moments in our workshop video recording! There you may find beautiful templates of virtual co-working and valuable insights about co-creation online.

Collaborating online can be challenging, while effective tools help remote teams collaborate and co-create seamlessly. There are different tool types to overcome these challenges: video conferencing, project management, chat tools, virtual whiteboards, and more.

This time we decided to make an overview of a popular virtual whiteboard tool Miro and its’ best whiteboard practices. These include using visual project mapping, planning tools, effective task management, and interactive presentations. To know more, read our new July article about 6 Miro Whiteboard Secrets for online collaboration.

6 Miro Whiteboard Secrets for Effective Collaboration
Collaborating online can be tough, especially when team members are in various time zones. Communication barriers can arise when the right tools to collaborate effectively online aren’t used. To ensure seamless collaboration across geographical locations, it’s great to use technology for people in d…

Meet our new case study: if you are interested to learn more about the use of SpatialChat platform to enhance engagement and well-being during virtual classes. Together with Federal University of Pernambuco we gathered an overwiew of cultivating a culture of virtual space awareness, enhanced interactivity as a catalyst for student participation, keeping motivation as top priority, and other engagement ways to spark engagement in virtual classrooms.

Once you are hosting online classes on video-conferencing tools regularly, check our new case study to empower your student participation, attendance rates, and a vibrant virtual classroom. Click here to read more!

From Passive to Proactive: Increasing Attendance with Interactive Tools
In this interview-based article, we explore the transformative influence of SpatialChat on the online education experience and virtual classrooms for Cleber Morais, a professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco.

Join SpatialChat and get prepared for your upcoming interactive meeting. If you're new to the platform, take advantage to try it out with up to 5 users for free.

Set up immersive interactive meetings in a spatially-aware space!

To learn more about SpatialChat:
‌👉 Try for free
‌👉 Join demo
‌👉 Visit Community

LinkedIn | Twitter |  YouTube | Facebook | TikTok | Instagram‌‌

Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey guys👋

Excited to announce that we’ve updated self-service plans Lite and Regular🤩
They are now available both on our website, and in your dashboard, with a capacity of up to 50 people.

We understand that you may want to try the plans before you commit to a purchase. That’s why we’re offering a 7-day free trial for a capacity of 10 people. This will give you a chance to see how the platform works and to decide if it’s right for you.

✍️ To sign up for the free trial, visit or click “Upgrade” button at the right bottom corner in your space and choose to Start 7-day trial for either Lite or Regular plan. Then, if needed, purchase a starting package and upgrade it till a capacity of 50.

Hope you’ll take advantage of the updated self-service plans as this is a great way to get started with SpatialChat.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance, we are always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey guys👋

Happy to share our July product updates! Here you will find a bunch of features and improvements for your upcoming events in SpatialChat.


  • With the new button for Bug reports you can send error reports directly from the space, both from the web and mobile in rooms of any type: Breakout, Stage, and Workplace. If you encounter any issues, simply click on the “Bug report” button at the left bottom of your screen when in the space and submit a report with a description of your problem. Thus, we will be able to find out and fix it asap.
  • For all elements in Breakout and Workplace rooms, the pop-up block for locked element got hidden for those users who do not have the right to unlock it. Meanwhile, menus for general blocks should remain visible for all users, regardless of whether they are locked or not.
  • The permission to download is added to the Pdf settings, and only Space admin and File owner are allowed to change it. If the permission is enabled, all users with different rights can download the file; while if the permission is disabled, no one (except Admin, Space moderator, and File owner) in the space is allowed to download it. By default, downloading such files is allowed. 
  • Room entry logic. Previously, users entered the space and automatically got into the first room which was open and not put into a folder. Now, when you enter using your space link, you join the first space room even if it is hidden in the folder.
  • Private area set up. We added a permission setting which allows to open or close private areas for guests. Try to play around with this permission in the space settings to add flexibility to your private meetings. Guests are meanwhile allowed to add and manage private areas by themselves.
  • Microphone and noise reduction are optimized.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance, we are always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

We are delighted to present the latest edition of the SpatialChat news digest for June 2023!

This edition is packed with thrilling updates, powerful embedded tools to enhance your user journey, and tips for successful online classroom collaboration. Joining the SpatialChat community has never been more rewarding, so let's dive into the exciting news!


Throughout this month, our dedicated team has prepared a series of product updates. They are aimed at improving our product's functionality, user experience, and overall value.

Let’s dive into greater detail below:

  • Now it’s possible to mute participants’ audio which will ensure that those participants who join the space do not disturb listeners. Open Space settings and turn it on/off playing with Sound effects hover.
  • Virtual background and Noise cancellation features are now available only on paid plans.
  • DND status is reset automatically on the Welcome page. So, if you leave your space with the DND on, be sure that it will be off by default next time when you enter.
  • Sound notifications are switched off during recording on Stage by default.
  • Bugs with sound and microphone fixed, connection of devices optimized.

We are getting prepared to “Collaborative Sparks” workshop that will explore co-creation in the remote landscape.
Our special guest, Ronen Gafni, the founder of FreshBiz, co-author of the book “The New Entrepreneurz“, and a visionary global trainer, will introduce his latest project - virtual co-working, Kula Village, created on video-conferencing platform, SpatialChat.

Consistency is key for effective collaboration. Once you establish a regular schedule for collaborative activities and create a learning design plan, this helps students plan their time and ensures that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

To know more, click here to read our June guide for course producers and workshop organizers.

How to create a learning design plan: a guide for course producers and workshop organizers
With the rise of e-learning platforms and interactive tools, learning design has become a trend among workshop and webinar organizers. In this article, we will explore the key components of learning design and provide practical tips for creating effective learning design plans. Learning design tre…

Recent research emphasizes the huge role of technology and collaborative dynamics in shaping educational landscape of online classrooms. Dive deeper into how to increase attendance for online classes hosted on SpatialChat with interactive tools in this blog article!

From Passive to Proactive: Increasing Attendance with Interactive Tools
In this interview-based article, we explore the transformative influence of SpatialChat on the online education experience and virtual classrooms for Cleber Morais, a professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco.

Studio.Why (they build impactful learning courses) published an article overview of collaboration capabilities in SpatialChat and Miro. While Miro is widely known for its visual collaboration features, SpatialChat brings a powerful value with its’ collaboration interactions.

Revolutionizing Work: Miro, Spatial Chat, and the Future of Collaboration - STUDIO.WHY
Discover how Miro and Spatial Chat can revolutionize the way we work, learn, and collaborate, fostering innovative solutions, driving efficiency, and shaping the future of work for a more sustainable, connected, and inclusive world.

Try out to combine embedding Miro Whiteboard with other tools in SpatialChat: Google Docs integration, YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, and more!

With SpatialChat, you can seamlessly set up immersive interactive meetings in a spatially-aware space. Get prepared for your upcoming interactive meeting by joining your virtual space on SpatialChat.

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

To learn more about SpatialChat:
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Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey guys👋

Meet a new helpful feature for Bug reports, so that users can send error reports directly from the space, both from the web and mobile. It’s available in rooms of any type: Breakout, Stage, and Workplace.

Meet a new helpful feature for Bug reports, so that users can send error reports directly from the space, both from the web and mobile. It’s available in rooms of any type: Breakout, Stage, and Workplace.

If you encounter any issues, simply click on the “Bug report” button at the left bottom of your screen when in the space and submit a report with a description of your problem. Thus, we will be able to find out and fix it asap.

Hope this feature helps us get valuable feedback from the users and improve the product 🚀

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance, we are always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

We are thrilled to share SpatialChat recent product updates! Here you will find a range of features that will enhance your meetings and events in SpatialChat.


  • Now Space Admin can turn off sound notification in the settings. To do that, open Space settings and turn it on/off playing with Sound effects hover. If turned off, it will ensure that there will be no sound notifications in the space.
  • Virtual background and Noise cancellation features are now available only on paid plans.
  • DND status is reset automatically on the Welcome page. So, if you leave your space with the DND on, be sure that it will be off by default next time when you enter.
  • Sound notifications are switched off during recording on Stage by default.
  • Bugs with sound and microphone fixed.
  • Microphone bugs fixed, connection of devices optimized.

Hey guys👋

We are thrilled to announce exciting updates to take your events to the next level!
With these new features, you will be able to improve your best practices and enjoy a more seamless user experience.


  • Clickable link feature in Breakout and Workplace rooms: it’s a new flow of one-click access to the link content embedded in the element, and it works for Pictures and Gifs.

    Interact with elements in a new updated way: open the element in edit mode, paste the link, and save changes. As a result, now it’s opened in a new tab after double clicking on the embedded object. The feature is particularly great for Conferences, Poster sessions, Virtual fairs, Staff onboarding or other events with sponsors, so that their companies/products can be promoted in this way.
  • Idle mode in Breakout room — now if a user is there in the space during up to 40 minutes and does not interact with others, automatic pop-up Are you still there? appears.

    Previously many SpatialChat attendees faced up a situation, when other participants left their keyboard for a while without setting up DND mode.

    So, once you receive such a notification, choose and click one of the two buttons to either stay in the space, or turn on "do-not-disturb" mode. From now on, make sure that your students or colleagues are with you.

We believe that these updates will make your online meetings more convenient, and can't wait for you to try them out🚀

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. Our team is always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat 

Heey guys👋

Let's bring some new energy to your virtual spaces! Meet a new release with several updates, including new Billing system, introduction of a Free plan limit, and optimized Mic Noise suppression.


  • Now, pick your perfect plan from a new pricing structure that should be more aligned with our customers' needs. Be welcome to choose it from a range of plans that are structured in a new use case way and better tailored to your individual needs.
  • The 120 minutes limit is introduced for the Free plan. The timer will be activated if more than 2 users are in the Space. It will be switched off when there are less than 2 participants present. When the time is up, video and audio will turn off for users. The timer resets automatically every day at midnight GMT+3.
  • Mic Noise Suppression optimization changed the default setting of Noise Suppression feature: we made it OFF by default. To turn it on, go to Device Settings either on the Welcome page or in your space via the gear icon. Please note that it eliminates unwanted noise and echoes during calls, together with background noise from video calls.

Join your space now and let’s start exploring or try for free if you are new🚀

Take your time to check them out if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to us at

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

We are thrilled to present the latest news digest for SpatialChat in April 2023! Our team has been working hard to bring you the most exciting updates possible.

In this edition, we will be covering a range of news: introduction of AI-backgrounds, recent education workshop for Japanese audience, and SpatialChat spring G2 awards. With these exciting news, there has never been a better time to join the SpatialChat community!

AI-backgrounds are available to simplify your experience

New AI-Generated Backgrounds are launched in SpatialChat, as a response to our user feedback and careful analysis of current library. They will be useful for various cases and all were created with the help of AI.

If you're hosting an online university lecture or classes, training, workshop, social gathering, or a virtual game night, these stunning customizable illustrations will help to get prepared very quickly and with minimum efforts.

Japanese HyFlex learning workshop was a success

On April 27th, we hosted a virtual interactive seminar “Modern Online and HyFlex Education: Tools and Methods” for Japanese audience in SpatialChat.

Together with Noboru Ando from Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School, Kumiko Kanekawa from Research Organization of Information and Systems, Ken Nishiyama from Manakuro online school, and Yoshifumi Komasa from YES International School we discussed online education in the era the AI, high-flexible class in gifted education, recommendations of separate classroom classes using online tools, and poster-session hosting with SpatialChat.

Overall, the discussion covered the challenges of hybrid learning in 2023, together with the importance of HyFlex learning at the moment. We believe that incorporating both physical and virtual learning spaces into pedagogical practices is necessary to remain relevant in the post-pandemic era.

Spring 2023 Badges on G2

SpatialChat was rated highly by G2 users and achieved the highest ratings in three spring G2 categories - Best Relationship, Leader, and Leader Small-Business. The ratings suggest that the software has been well-received by G2 users and has managed to establish a strong presence in the market.

The platforms's high satisfaction scores indicate that users are happy with the product and find it easy to use. Overall, SpatialChat's success in these categories is a clear indication of the quality of the software and the commitment of its development team to provide a top-notch product to its users.

Join your space to set up your next interactive meeting, or if you're new to the platform, try it out up to 5 users for free. SpatialChat offers a variety of features that can help you make the most of your meetings, such as screen sharing, stunning backgrounds, and the ability to record for later use.

Never mind it’s from home or in the office, the platform helps you stay connected and productive.

To learn more about SpatialChat:
‌👉 Try for free
‌👉 Join demo
‌👉 Visit Community

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Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Excited to share March 2023 news digest for SpatialChat!

In this edition, we’ll be covering onboarding updates, together with new pricing system and networking useful tips.


Meet our TryMe space for your easier onboarding

To make the onboarding easier and more effective, we’ve created new TryMe space open and available for all users. It’s your ultimate guide to exploring the endless possibilities of SpatialChat!

The space is designed to help you better understand how to use the platform for various purposes. Once you're looking to host a social gathering, organize an online conference, or even create a virtual tour of a university, TryMe Space has got you covered.

What you will find in the space:

  • Welcome room with Basic onboarding information, Announcement board, “How to” Video, Helpdesk, and links to helpful resources like Help Center, Demo, Website, Community, Contact Sales button.
  • Basic Room Types: Breakout with explanatory designs, Stage with How_to_Video, and Workplace with embedded documents and external tools.
  • Detailed Use Cases for Training&Workshops, Online education, and Social Gathering. Each of these use cases covers curated visual content which empowers your events and regular online meeting experience.

You'll definitely find something useful: be welcome to explore new areas that you've never considered before. With so much to discover, you'll never run out of things to do there. So, go ahead and dive into TryMe space - you won't be disappointed!

New pricing gets more flexible

We are excited to announce a new pricing system that allows our users more flexibility and customization than before. As a free plan user, you will still have unlimited access to SpatialChat.

The only change you will experience is related to elements (GIF files, embeds, shared screens, etc). They will no longer be stored in rooms, and the number of embeds and files will be limited to 3 per room. In exchange, we offer new, more cost-effective plans.

Choose from the ones as follows:

  • Free, for those who want to get acquainted with the platform and its core features.
  • Lite, for those who host small classes, workshops, and trainings.
  • Plus, for large groups with a significant number of participants.

If you need to organize an event, here are the ideal options:

  • Day passes are excellent for town halls, conferences, and offsites.
  • Custom, for events of any complexity.

We believe that the new pricing represents a significant step forward for our company, and look forward to improving our services for our valued users.

Networking tips for event organisers

With the online networking organised right, you can build your brand, expand the network, or support a strong online presence. Here are a few tips to help you optimise online networking efforts and help attendees build valuable connections.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your online networking and make the most out of your events:

  • Select a toolset with a video-conferencing platform to ensure that a software supports holding virtual meetings with networking with a high-level quality. For networking capabilities, SpatialChat has emerged as one of the best interactive video-conferencing platforms to facilitate it. The platform provides convenient capabilities to split participants into groups, let them exchange ideas, and foster to participate in group or one-to-one discussions.
  • Ensure building virtual space which covers all networking parts - prebuilt networking areas, introduction and timing. For example, our client IC3Dose built networking recreation areas with desirable interaction spirit using some personal photos. These photo rooms became very popular among participants. They gathered, had a chat, and posted their pictures - it was a very nice socializing area!

SpatialChat allowed to upload a background from an image, guests started playing around with this feature. Even though people were all on computers, it felt as if they were at an in-person conference, seeing others walk around the hall, conversing and networking. Thus, platform customisation features made it incredibly simple and intuitive to personalize the networking area to fit the desired look and spirit.

  • Experiment with different networking formats to fully explore the potential of your events. For example, MozFest organisers tried AI Hackathon and Science Fair, Movie Theater, Coffee Chats, Arts & Culture Fair, Creative AI Happy Hour, Creative AI Art Gallery, and Helpdesk.
Event organisers customized backgrounds, Gifs, videos, hidden but linked rooms, passwords etc. They ensured people had a reason for showing up. Thus, networking participants were excited to jump into SpatialChat with a lot excitement around the platform.
  • When setting up a networking plan, pay special attention to making the most of the software to attract sponsors. Sponsor-friendly set up at any conference includes both a well-designed dedicated environment and their organised promotion.

For example, when Konfy hosted their conferences, they customised promotion areas and broadcasted across the space to ensure everyone was aware of it.

In SpatialChat, they created a flexible track with the links, so that each room had its own promotion areas leading to sponsor rooms. Additionally, there was a broadcast feature for making announcements to the participants in all rooms, which is helpful for this purpose.

Virtual sponsors should have access to more comprehensive post-conference data reports to evaluate the success of the event for them. This includes information such as who attended their sessions, when participants dropped out, and demographics.

This data was tracked in SpatialChat through analytics reports prepared for each event individually.

Overall, in March we have accomplished a lot of important tasks, and our team is committed to  provide you with the highest level of service possible. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support which have been instrumental in our progress thus far. We would love to hear from you, and we encourage you to share any feedback, suggestions, or ideas that you may have for us.

Join your space to set up your next interactive meeting, or if you're new to the platform, try it out for free!

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Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Many of you have been asking us to create spaces where you can collaborate and share your thoughts and ideas privately.

And we are happy to announce that the Private area (Beta) is available in the Breakout rooms now! Here, by marking off a specific zone in the background space and entering there, users are allowed to mute attendees outside of the Private area.

Say Hello to Private areas: How can I try it out?

To create a new private area, open "Add button" menu, the clicking on "Private area" will show you a 80*80рх square area around your bubble. You can always adjust it in the "edit" mode and make it open for entry for other users. In one room you can create as many Private areas as you want. Have a look:

This is how you can play around with your Private areas:

  • change its size with your cursor,
  • drag and drop it to manage its position in the room,
  • pin it to fix on the background after you leave the space,
  • lock it to disable others from editing it or changing the settings,
  • close the door to prohibit users enter the area,
  • rename or delete it.

During the Beta period, we are excited to announce that this feature will be available to users of all our Plans. Now you can access Private areas that will grant you an enhanced sense of security while having private conversations!

So, where can it be useful?

In case you are organizing online events:

  • You can create a conference map for participants in the same space, allowing groups of people to talk in private without overlapping with an adjacent conversation.

Of course, it's always possible to create an additional room, but with Private Areas, the visual display of people on the screen creates the effect of a bigger, more active, and more organized event.

  • During networking events, it may be necessary to have private conversations if you need to discuss sensitive information with a specific person/group of people.
  • Private conversations can also help establish a personal connection with the other person, which can lead to a more comfortable and trusting atmosphere.
  • When you play online games or participate in other interactive virtual activities, you can divide people into groups in order to prevent them from hearing one another.

For online educators:

  • During seminars, it is possible to divide people in a common room into smaller groups. This helps to ensure that they can be focused without being distracted by other conversations. Breaking the group into smaller sections also allows for more in-depth discussion and higher engagement with the seminar material.
  • Virtual poster sessions get equipped with more convenient capabilities for presenters and viewers. Private areas for each poster provide a great advantage now when it comes to distraction-free viewing; groups around every poster will no longer disrupt the experience for other viewers, as all individuals will be able to view the poster remotely in their own space.

This makes it possible for viewers to absorb the information presented in a more comfortable and focused environment and, thus, gain a better understanding of the content.

  • Workshops and trainings might be more effective with Private areas. Participants can be divided into zones, which allows them to work independently while still having visibility into what other groups are doing. This increases competition and emotional charge, which is greatly beneficial for skill-based training.

In the case of using the platform for a remote office:

  • It saves time and encourages collaboration when people involved in brainstorming activities are divided into smaller groups. Participants are more likely to become engaged when they are working in smaller groups. This is because they have the opportunity to share their ideas and receive feedback from the team.

Additionally, with smaller groups, it is easier to quickly generate a variety of options, which can then be shared and discussed by the entire team. Having a variety of ideas to choose from ensures that the best possible solutions can be found for any problem or challenge.

  • It can be really useful when you have to discuss a sensitive topic with HR. Rather than having to move to a different room, you can now make use of the private area available, allowing you to jump in quickly and discuss the topic you need. The private area provides a safe and secure space for you to express yourself.
  • For online medical services, sometimes users prefer to keep conversations between doctors private. Private areas in SpatialChat allow creating a system to have private conversations or display the circle around yourself, so you can actually see who can hear you or not.

What’s next?

As mentioned, Private areas are now available for all our Plans during the Beta period. Go and try it!

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Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Excited to share February 2023 news digest for SpatialChat! In this edition, we’ll be covering the latest releases on the platform, lessons learnt after a hosted event, and useful tips as usual.

The past month has seen rich product updates, with a lot of exciting new features launched. Plus, we’ll provide tips for getting the most out of SpatialChat, whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro.

Key takeaways for University of Liverpool conference

University of Liverpool shared great feedback and their key takeaways based on their online conference, Islands of Innovation 2022 hosted on SpatialChat. The event aimed to connect educators, educational developers, and learning technologists across the globe to share educational innovations and co-create an imagined future of education.

To give a general idea, the event consisted of three separate sessions, and participants were divided into groups to complete a series of scaffolded activities, culminating in a final collaborative task: the creation of an Island of Innovation. Throughout the conference, attendees explored market hall themes to draw inspiration and as a result, each group produced one innovative idea.

Planning and delivering this open, collaborative event was a lot of fun. A key consideration for our team was ensuring accessibility and inclusivity underpinned the event design. Building a collaborative virtual space with this focus ensured a positive experience for participants, and this was reflected in the feedback. SpatialChat certainly proved a popular and versatile platform. It was great to see so much participant diversity and engagement at the event.

Rob Lindsay, Digital and multimedia expert, Centre for Innovation in Education, University of Liverpool

As a truly co-creative online event, it also brought some lessons learnt for event organizers:

  • Tech support was essential for making global online conferences truly interactive, especially when participants with different backgrounds were involved. Fortunately, SpatialChat offers in-event tech support, and this means that if you encounter any issues during your event, our tech support representative is there to help. Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Once this is something you’re challenged with, please contact your account manager to get a consultation.
  • If participants from different time zones are attending, it is better to split the event into multiple days rather than having it as an all-day format. For such cases, we’ve created flexible self-service Day pass pricing ideal for town halls, conferences, and offsites. It is a one-day Plan with 24-hour access to the Space which grants a certain number of Seats and up to 200 Rooms. Make the attendees' journey as comfortable as possible!

The conference was a great success, SpatialChat turned out as a good fit both for event organisers and attendees who were so much delighted.

It was a very feature-rich month for our dev team

We released several new features, including Private areas, Video backgrounds, Mic Noise suppression, Google Calendar integration, Google sign-in, Pinned by default, and a couple more.

With Private areas in the Breakout Rooms, now you can create separate zones on the background where users can enter and stop hearing attendees who are outside of these zones. This feature is ideal for educational purposes when it is necessary to split learners into private groups, or for making work meetings more flexible.

One of the most anticipated feature is Video backgrounds for video bubbles: you can now blur the background of your video to feel more comfortable in any room type. A library of default themes with nature, urban, and office styles is included to enhance your experience.

Mic Noise Suppression now removes unwanted noise and echoes during calls which is super comfortable for people on the go.

You can also enjoy more convenient ways of handling your meetings with Google Calendar integration. This allows to set up events on the platform and have them visible right in the space.

Additionally, the Pinned by default feature delivers new flow for all space elements: now you can add elements and they will be pinned by default. No more lost customisation and decoration in your space!

Read more about other features here and we are always ready to support if you have any questions or suggestions.

Customization: 3 tips from SpatialChat experts

Check out our Community backgrounds that to create engaging and interactive virtual events. If you're planning a virtual workshop, training session, or scientific conference, pre-built backgrounds provide a professional and polished look to your event.

These backgrounds are kindly shared by the users and may bring you inspiration to create your beautifully designed spaces equipped with amazing rooms. Soon, we will enhance user experience even more and add new backgrounds in SpatialChat library as well.

Enhance them with customizable features to suit your specific needs and branding:

  • Embed various types of media, such as videos and GIFs, to make your content more engaging and dynamic.
  • Upload documents, notes, and files to supplement your message and provide additional context. This allows you to create a more robust and comprehensive environment that will better capture your audience's attention and keep them engaged throughout the event.

Overall, February has been a productive month, and our team is committed to stay at the cutting edge of technology and provide you with the highest level of service possible. Your support has been instrumental in our success thus far, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Join your space to set up your next interactive meeting!

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Made for you with️ ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey SpatialChat Fans👋

Woow, we’ve brought some lover vibes to the platform and released seasonal cute decorations for video bubbles honouring Saint Valentine's Day💕

Colourful hearts, cute animals, remarkable phrases, bright masks.. and even glasses of wine to have a virtual drink together. To try the accessories, hover a cursor on the bubble, click Dress up button, and start playing around with them.

Already available in your Space - сlick here to join, it’s pretty easy and enjoyable to stay connected with your acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and family💕

We wish you have a great time with the people you love and care about, while SpatialChat will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience🌈

Dear SpatialChat users👋

This time we are happy to announce our new release of Private area feature available now in the Breakout rooms. Build these distinct zones on the background to let users enter them and stop hearing those attendees who are outside the areas🤩

To create a new one, open Add button menu, click Private area and you’ll get 80*80рх square around your bubble.

It is usually set up in "edit" mode and open for entry, ready to use with no limits on the number of areas you can create in one room.

Hey guys👋

Here is some awesome news for you: a bunch of new features have just been released. We believe they will make your online meetings more convenient and entertaining!


  • Introducing Video backgrounds for video bubbles: now you can blur the background of your video to feel more comfortable in any room.

    We've included a library of default themes with nature, urban, and office styles to bring you joy. If you prefer, you can also upload your own background image with a maximum size of 2,048 x 2,048 pixels. To start using the blurred video background, simply click the Device Settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and select the picture you like🤩
  • Pinned by default feature — the new flow works for all space elements: when the element is added, it’s pinned by default. Meanwhile, if a user unpins elements and then leaves the room, he gets notified about unpinned elements. Play around with adding Gifs, Stickers, Emoji, Google docs, Videos, Notes, and Text📍
  • Mic Noise Suppression removes unwanted noise and echoes during calls, enabling users to chat with clear speech even in loud environments. It eliminates various types of background noise from video calls and gets now available to all users, regardless of their plan. To turn on Mic Noise suppression, go to Device Settings either on the Welcome page or in your space via the gear icon🎧
  • You can now follow our release updates through the What’s New bar in the space. To access it, click on the Help icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and find the new section with the latest features. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Google Calendar integration will allow setting up its events on the platform and having them visible right in the space. Also, we will let users enjoy such capabilities as events editing, copying event link, and direct access to the event via event link.

    To have this calendar integrated, click your Profile icon in the upper right corner, select Integrations, press Connect Google calendar, and then create a calendar invite that brings people directly to your space⚙️
  • We’ve provided an alternative of signing in through Google to access the platform.

    This gets quick and easy - simply click on the Continue with Google button and enter your account dashboard. Signing in through Google ensures that your account is secure and protected from unauthorized access.
  • With the new List filtering, you can search space members easier: discover two new drop-down lists in your dashboard: All roles and All spaces. Choose appropriate space from your individual list and role from Team admin, Space admin, Moderator, and Member😌

Join your space now and let’s start exploring or try for free if you are new🚀

Take your time to check them out and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. Our team is always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey SpatialChat Friends👋

We’ve cooked and released some exciting features to make you smile ahead of New Year and Christmas time🎄


  • Grid View -  with the new Grid View feature, Breakout room gets even more functionality and extended visibility. It nicely covers multiple use cases from One-on-Ones to Group online meetings up to 12 people.

    Together with this View, you are still capable to use SpatialChat powerful and popular features: screen sharing, switch between screens, sending reactions with messages, and megaphone or broadcast capabilities. To use the feature, choose either to zoom in as much as possible or press the Enter Grid View button.
  • Do not disturb” mode - In case it either appears that attendees start feeling uncomfortable during networking, or there is a sudden urge to step away from the meeting for some time - we included the new “Do not disturb” mode.

    The feature allows to show off to others that you are unavailable and can’t talk still being present in the online room. Simply, hover the cursor over your bubble or click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. While the "Do not disturb" mode is active, your avatar gets smaller and we also show the message "Sorry, I'm currently away”.
  • 🎄Christmas hats - we’ve brought some glorious Christmas vibe to the platform and released seasonal eye-catching hat decorations for video bubbles ahead of the holiday time. Festive hats, bright scarves, colourful masks, stylish glasses.. and even garlands with wreaths together with other accessories are ready to get you well-dressed and to cheer you up.

    To try the decorations, hover a cursor on the bubble, click Dress up button, and play around with the bunch of accessories.

Join your space and let’s start exploring, or try for free if you are new🚀

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let the magic of the season be always with you, with ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey SpatialChat Community👋

From October to December 2022 we at SpatialChat have been working hard to improve all three room types: Breakout, Stage, and Workplace.

New features cover integrations and usability updates from cross-room Avatar teleportation and Google Calendar. These have been added to make your experience during virtual events and online collaboration even better in SpatialChat rooms. Here is the overview of the new features released during this time.

SpatialChat Integrations

Miro Whiteboard

We added Miro editable boards integration in Breakout, Workplace, and Stage rooms: now you can set access rights for SpatialChat users and allow them to view, comment, or edit the whiteboard within the platform.

Choose Miro Whiteboard via the + button in the Toolbar, pick a board to embed from the list, and enjoy collaborating in the embedded window. After starting the Miro sync function, all users who are in the current room can see the board or a link frame.

Google Calendar integration

Along with its new integration capabilities, SpatialChat now syncs up with Google Calendar. We added the Meet button which is displayed at the top of the screen and is available from all three room types. Whatever virtual room you are in, choose the current one or any other from the list and book the meeting or event slot via Create in Google Calendar field. All invited users should get a slot booked in their Google calendar with the meeting details: room link and instructions on how to join.

Usability updates

Avatar teleportation

Impressive Avatar teleportation feature opens new capabilities to invite user(s) to a talk or a meeting throughout the space even smarter! No need to write in DM or talk - just select a user, press Invite over and your invite notification will arrive to the selected person. Meanwhile, the invitee gets a note with the name of the person who invites and such an invitation can be accepted or rejected.

Followers’ indicators in the Avatar bar

We added indicators for users in the Avatar bar of the Workplace: now the presenter is marked with the dashed line and their followers are highlighted with the green dots. Also, when the number of users in the room gets more than the Avatar bar can contain, you will see the dropdown and indicators as well. It’s such a delight to get notified of those who are involved in the presentation at any moment, isn’t it?

Grid color switch

Though the grid color in the Workplace room is dark by default, from now users can switch it to light and vice versa as they wish. Your last grid color choice is saved in the system, and it’s opened in the same way you viewed it lately.

Avatar bar modification

We adjusted the Avatar bar at the bottom of the Workplace in a way that one can either change the size of the video bubbles or hide the bar. Play around with the video bubbles’ size - it’s available as three options’ choice now! The number of people displayed in the line will be adjusted accordingly.

These are the most remarkable of the updates we’ve cooked this quarter, and we continue bringing more engagement and functionality into online events and virtual collaboration🤩

We look forward to seeing you there!With ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey SpatialChat Friends👋 

Meet the Quick Notes - a new feature available in Workplace and Breakout rooms! Now you can add colorful note stickers, resize, drag and drop them at any place on the background.

Go to Add icon with Plus sign on the bar at the bottom of the screen, select Add Note and have it ready for customization. It’s an excellent tool for making notes and fixing your ideas during discussions real-time.

With Quick Notes you can:

  • create notes of different colors 🎨 and sizes,
  • add text and align it,
  • pin 📌 on the background,
  • move them freely,
  • delete them,
  • download any note 🗂 as .txt file if needed

Join your space and start exploring it 😊🚀

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey everyone 👋

Following up with a piece of great news about the Product Hunt launch we recently announced.

It was a success!

SpatialChat got over 1270 upvotes, tweets, and likes on social media and the community😱

This has become a result of your support and commitment to our product and our team's hard work to develop the Workplace to collaborate online🤩

Now you can get even more productive: join the Workplace room, and invite your team as it is designed for you! Choose your use case: stand-up, brainstorming, design review, pair programming, sales pitch, or other scenarios to get your job done 😎

Learn more about the Workplace:

We are happy to invite you to check it out in your space:

Big thanks you stayed with us and helped to deliver a better solution 🥳

post cover image

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to announce SpatialChat 3.0 is launching on ProductHunt today🤩

SpatialChat now is the all-in-one space for collaboration, ultimate all-hands, and socialising. The new Workplace room is designed to enrich your collaboration experience and make work smarter and faster.

Explore the black working canvas designed for makers with integrated tools and apps, fullscreen mode, viewer, user following, and co-browsing.We would love your feedback and upvotes.

Hey guys👋

Now you can create a new room for collaboration and productivity - the Workplace. This time we're going to walk you through some new awesome features released in Workplace room: Following, Spotlight me, and Fullscreen are out!

Following and Spotlight me grant access to observe what other users are doing in real-time:

- Following is perfect for a one-to-one scenario, and when it comes to the instant intention to track another person’s actions.

- Spotlight me is like presenting a screen for everyone in the room. It’s a presenter who starts spotlighting, and one or more participants choose either to join it or not. Fullscreen mode helps diving deeper into the details of any window.


  • Following mode- allows everyone to select a user and track what he is doing on the room background. In detail, choose a person's bubble at the bottom of the screen, click on it, and you will begin to see their view of the canvas.

    This helps you to follow along their actions and keep an eye on their movements. Moreover, we won't tell someone if you follow them. We do still show your cursor's location when you're following someone else.
  • Spotlight me - click on Spotlight me icon on the toolbar at the bottom so that other room guests can see they are invited to join a screen presentation mode.

    Others can choose either joining or ignoring whenever they wish. In the same way as Following feature, it shows to everyone you what's happening on the screen of a presenter. And in this case, we allow the presenter to see the number of users who joined spotlighting.
  • Fullscreen mode - take advantage of opening any selected window to cover up the whole background. Simply select the window, find Enter fullscreen icon at the top of it, click and enjoy.

    It gets quite flexible when fullscreen mode is opened: you can choose to open another window in fullscreen, send messages, and turn on your mic or camera at a time.

Check out the new features in your Workplace room today, already available in your space🚀

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

Hey SpatialChat Community👋

Excited to announce our new release of Pen on map feature available in Breakout rooms. Now you can enjoy freehand drawing anywhere in the background.

Simply click the pen icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen, choose your favorite color in the palette and start drawing.The tool is great for highlighting crucial things or visual explanations in real time. It provides basic drawing functionality in different colors and variable pen thickness with outlines disappearing instantly.

Join your space and let’s start exploring it🚀

Hey Guys👋

We’re developing a solution to help you organise effective teamwork and collaboration enhanced with networking and corporate events. Such product development required us to revise the billing. That’s why we have recently reviewed the event users’ usage and decided to introduce changes to Day passes billing soon.

⚙️ Please note that from September 12th the User capacity will be quoted differently so that you can purchase a Day pass plan from 50 users and extend it by 50 if needed. These changes will be reflected on the pricing page as it is shown in the picture below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions! Please get in touch with your account manager or our team directly at Your feedback is appreciated as it will help us to deliver the best-in-class solution for team collaboration and networking.

Hey guys!

We are glad to announce some new features to help you work in SpatialChat smarter, faster and easier.

Be welcome to explore them🥳


  • Drag and Drop - from now you can decorate Breakout and Workplace rooms even more simply by uploading files with the new drag-and-drop feature. Enjoy easy dropping images and GIFs at any selected place or pasting them with Ctrl+V.
  • Zooming in and out on pictures - so, here’s a more convenient way to interact with visual materials in a Workplace room.
    Open any image in a full-screen mode, then zoom in and navigate through the whole picture.
  • Megaphone label new position - try turning on the Megaphone now, and you will see the label on the right bottom of the circle, not on the top as before😌

⚙️We also fixed some bugs and made improvements with Stage and SSO⚙️

SpatialChat Team, with eternal love💜

Hey SpatialChat Community👋

Here is a new room type Beta release on its way. Let us present Workplace so that Teams get more focused on synchronous co-working and deliver better results.

We’d like to introduce Beta for our Community first to receive your feedback, so be welcome to explore it!

Workplace room is ideal for creative and product teams as it combines collaboration in multiple external services at a single place on a zoomable canvas with team communication and recording results. Such a flow allows managing a project with a 360-degree approach, from idea to product.


  • Working canvas board with massive zoom-in/out option,
  • All users’ sound is carried through the entire room,
  • Fixed bubbles on the toolbar with no right to move,
  • Cursors with the user names are displayed on the canvas in real time,
  • Full-screen and navigation mode with switching between open frames,
  • Indication of the users who interact with the object.

As this time it’s a Beta release, we can provide early access to Workplace only individually now. Please log in to your Space and submit a request by clicking a pop-up notification.

If you have any questions or suggestions,  contact us at or leave a comment here.

You are our Energy and Inspiration to improve the product and deliver more features🔋

With ❤️ from SpatialChat

UPD: The new release went smoothly, even with no downtime😇 

Dear SpatialChat Community,

Thank you for your feedback🙏
It's been such a hot summer, and our team has been working on SpatialChat improvement. You have given us a lot of ideas and feature requests to work on, which is much appreciated.

Please, keep sharing your thoughts and crazy ideas🤩

 📢 In order to implement new features and improvements, we have planned SpatialChat downtime - on July 21st, from 18:00 up to 18:20 Central European Time (CET).

If you use SSO functionality for user authentication, you will need to replace the Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL) with 

You have to do it on the 21st of July, or otherwise, your users won't be able to access the space. You don't need to change the configuration if you have a custom domain. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop a message at or leave a comment here.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
You are our Energy and Inspiration to improve, do, and serve more🔋

With ❤️ from SpatialChat