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30+ Funny and Useful Video Backgrounds: How to choose wisely

Sasha Rosman

Video calls, conferences, and content creation have become integral to our daily communication, making the visual aspect as important as the verbal.

The right video background can:

  • Reflect Personality or Branding
    Businesses and content creators can use custom backgrounds as a branding tool, incorporating logos, colors, and themes associated with their brands.

    A consistent video background across various content pieces can significantly enhance brand recognition on video platforms. This consistency ensures viewers associate the visual style with the brand, creating a cohesive experience reinforcing brand identity.
  • Ensure Privacy
    Using virtual backgrounds helps maintain privacy by not revealing personal or sensitive information that might be visible in one's surroundings.

    Virtual backgrounds mask these areas, ensuring that personal items, family members, or any aspect of one's living environment remain private. This is especially important in professional settings where maintaining a boundary between work and personal life is essential.
  • Enhance Engagement
    A visually appealing background keeps the audience engaged and interested in your content.
  • Set the Tone
    The background can set the appropriate mood for a professional meeting or a casual catch-up.
  • Minimize Distractions
    A neat background keeps the focus on you rather than on what’s behind you.
  • Creativity
    They provide a canvas for creativity, allowing individuals to express themselves or set their content apart.

With these points in mind, selecting an appropriate video background becomes crucial. Below are some categories to consider when choosing your next video background.

To easily integrate these inspirational backgrounds into your meetings, SpatialChat offers a convenient feature that allows you to set video backgrounds directly within the platform. You can choose from an extensive gallery or upload custom backgrounds to personalize your virtual space.

Categories of Video Backgrounds

Default Backgrounds

These basic, versatile backgrounds can fit various scenarios, from professional meetings to casual chats.

  • Apartment Interiors
    High-quality video backgrounds mimicking cozy, stylish, or minimalist interiors can provide a homely yet professional setting.
  • Gradient and Patterns
    Subtle gradients or geometric patterns can serve as unobtrusive backdrops, suitable for professional and creative videos.

Fun Backgrounds

Inject some humor or whimsy into your videos with backgrounds designed to entertain.

  • Memes
    Famous memes as video backgrounds can add humor and relatability, perfect for light-hearted content or social media.
  • Pop Culture Phenomena
    Backgrounds featuring iconic scenes from movies, TV shows, or viral internet memes. Imagine taking a call with the backdrop of a famous movie scene or alongside beloved cartoon characters.
  • Holiday Themes: From spooky Halloween mansions to cozy Christmas settings, seasonal backgrounds can celebrate the spirit of various holidays, making every occasion special.

Inspirational Backgrounds: Motivate and Engage

Whether it's a calm beach, a bustling cityscape, or the peaceful ambiance of a mountain range, these backgrounds can introduce fresh air into your meetings. They not only serve as a visual escape but also help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm among participants, making them more receptive and engaged.