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What is SpatialChat?

SpatialChat is a virtual video platform that allows people to communicate and interact in a spatially organized digital environment.

SpatialChat was gaining popularity as a solution for hosting virtual educational events, workshops, networking events, virtual classes and office and other gatherings, especially when people were seeking alternatives to in-person interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Platform specific

It's designed to simulate the experience of being in a physical space and interacting with others in a more natural and intuitive way, compared to traditional video conferencing tools.

Users are represented by avatars that move around a virtual room, and their proximity to other avatars determines the Spatial Audio feature. This means that when avatars are closer to each other, participants can hear and see each other more clearly, simulating the dynamics of real-life conversations.

The place in which the rooms are located is called the virtual space.

Room types

There are several room types in the platform, which differ in the way they interact with users and features.

Breakout room

Breakout room emulates the dynamics of a physical office, class and event with the Spatial Audio feature. Here, participants can enter a room and engage in group discussions by maneuvering their avatars closer to a cluster of people.

Stage room

Stage room is ideal for presentations, lectures, webinars, and other events that require a speaker to address a large audience.

Workplace room

Workplace room is a versatile feature of the SpatialChat platform designed to facilitate real-time collaboration.

Helpful materials

Here are some helpful links and great resources to dive deeper into the world of SpatialChat.

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