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July product updates: Meet our new features and improvements

— Sasha Rosman

Hey guys👋

Happy to share our July product updates! Here you will find a bunch of features and improvements for your upcoming events in SpatialChat.


  • With the new button for Bug reports you can send error reports directly from the space, both from the web and mobile in rooms of any type: Breakout, Stage, and Workplace. If you encounter any issues, simply click on the “Bug report” button at the left bottom of your screen when in the space and submit a report with a description of your problem. Thus, we will be able to find out and fix it asap.
  • For all elements in Breakout and Workplace rooms, the pop-up block for locked element got hidden for those users who do not have the right to unlock it. Meanwhile, menus for general blocks should remain visible for all users, regardless of whether they are locked or not.
  • The permission to download is added to the Pdf settings, and only Space admin and File owner are allowed to change it. If the permission is enabled, all users with different rights can download the file; while if the permission is disabled, no one (except Admin, Space moderator, and File owner) in the space is allowed to download it. By default, downloading such files is allowed. 
  • Room entry logic. Previously, users entered the space and automatically got into the first room which was open and not put into a folder. Now, when you enter using your space link, you join the first space room even if it is hidden in the folder.
  • Private area set up. We added a permission setting which allows to open or close private areas for guests. Try to play around with this permission in the space settings to add flexibility to your private meetings. Guests are meanwhile allowed to add and manage private areas by themselves.
  • Microphone and noise reduction are optimized.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance, we are always here to help!

With ❤️ from SpatialChat