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Release 11/05/23: New billing, Free plan time limit, and more

Sasha Rosman

Heey guys👋

Let's bring some new energy to your virtual spaces! Meet a new release with several updates, including new Billing system, introduction of a Free plan limit, and optimized Mic Noise suppression.


  • Now, pick your perfect plan from a new pricing structure that should be more aligned with our customers' needs. Be welcome to choose it from a range of plans that are structured in a new use case way and better tailored to your individual needs.
  • The 120 minutes limit is introduced for the Free plan. The timer will be activated if more than 2 users are in the Space. It will be switched off when there are less than 2 participants present. When the time is up, video and audio will turn off for users. The timer resets automatically every day at midnight GMT+3.
  • Mic Noise Suppression optimization changed the default setting of Noise Suppression feature: we made it OFF by default. To turn it on, go to Device Settings either on the Welcome page or in your space via the gear icon. Please note that it eliminates unwanted noise and echoes during calls, together with background noise from video calls.

Join your space now and let’s start exploring or try for free if you are new🚀

Take your time to check them out if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to us at

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