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Best Practices

6 Miro Whiteboard Secrets for Effective Collaboration

Eve Blanco

Collaborating online can be tough, especially when team members are in various time zones. Communication barriers can arise when the right tools to collaborate effectively online aren't used. To ensure seamless collaboration across geographical locations, it’s great to use technology for people in different countries.

In this article we will dive deeper into Miro's best practices. The whiteboard can be used to brainstorm, facilitate meetings, run agile workshops, classes, and so much more.

Using relevant templates

Miro templates are a great way to start your projects via more efficient collaboration. With over 300 templates to choose from, you can find a template that suits your specific needs.

Miro Templates Library | Pick from 300+ Templates
Choose from 300+ Miro templates. Get inspired and customize anything you want based on your specific needs.

Miro templates cover a wide range of use cases, including mind mapping, kanban boards, service blueprints, presentations, UX design, and documents. Try to create your own custom templates by exporting your existing board.

Miro templates are designed to streamline workflows, exchange complex information, and break down silos. If you're a designer, marketer, product manager, or software developer, Miro templates will definitely help you master your end-to-end design process, track progress, and align teams.

Visual project mapping and planning

Miro offers a variety of visual project mapping and planning tools to help teams be more efficient and engaged.

Mapping & Diagramming Templates
With Miro’s mapping and diagramming templates collection, communicate your vision and improve workflows. Lead teams with empathy and create a shared understanding.

Here are some of the features and templates available:
- brainstorming,
- diagramming,
- scrum events,
- various templates for mapping and charts.

Miro: The Ultimate Visual Task Management Tool
Help your team be more efficient with visual task management techniques. Get FREE templates and try online whiteboard to keep your team engaged.

Also, if you host meetings or workshops with Miro, give everyone a chance to connect and interact with sticky notes, voting, live reactions, and icebreakers.

Alternatively, use SpatialChat to get a feeling of live presence and synchronous connection.

Integrations for seamless workflows

There are 3 types of Miro integrations:

  • Miro integrates with popular project management apps and platforms such as Asana, Jira, and to make project management on a global or enterprise scale easier. With these integrations, project managers keep teams on track and avoid missing deadlines.
  • Platform integrates with popular design tools like Adobe, Figma, and Sketch. With these integrations, you can finish an entire project end-to-end in a single platform, from sketching on the whiteboard to capturing feedback from stakeholders. Miro also connects with different apps to align your team in one scalable workspace.
  • As for communication tools, popular integrations this year aim at building engagement beyond video calls and messages.

These integrations include video conferencing platforms, messaging program, CRMs, and others.

To maximize the effectiveness of the collaboration, it’s convenient to use Miro Board as an integration into video conferencing platforms. SpatialChat can be a good fit for these purposes.

With them, it's easier to collaborate effectively!

Collaborative brainstorming and visual thinking

Collaborative brainstorming in Miro can be done with a set of collaborative tools designed to make your team meetings more efficient. Miro offers ideation and brainstorming templates to generate big ideas and run sessions effortlessly.

Sticky Note Packs template is a good choice to organize ideas, collaborate as a team, and encourage participation from everyone involved. The How Now Wow matrix is another tool that helps identify and organize great ideas, as well as reinvigorates your team to think creatively and take risks.

Sticky Note Packs Template | Miro
Use our free Sticky Note Packs template to create pre-labeled sticky notes for brainstorming, workshops, or retros.

Miro also offers fantastic prebuilt templates to reduce complexity and bring clarity to teamwork. To start brainstorming virtually, Miro offers a free online brainstorming tool.

Effective task management

Visual task management has several advantages over traditional as it improves clarity, transparency, and understanding of the overall project scope and plan.

Effective task management in Miro can be achieved via integrations with such popular apps such as Asana, Jira, Trello. Try out visual task management templates to help teams be more efficient and engaged.

Miro: The Ultimate Visual Task Management Tool
Help your team be more efficient with visual task management techniques. Get FREE templates and try online whiteboard to keep your team engaged.

Thus, if you work in remote and distributed teams, you can manage your workflow on an infinite canvas and collaborate in real-time from any location.

Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations in Miro are designed to make presentations more engaging, collaborative, and effective. With interactive presentation mode, you can easily hand off control to another person on your team, right from the presenter's toolbar.

There are some benefits of using interactive presentations in Miro: everyone controls their own slides and people can react and add feedback instantly. A great idea is to try show-and-tell in full-screen mode where your audience can see your ideas in real-time.

Introducing Interactive Presentation Mode, now available in Miro | MiroBlog
Introducing Interactive Presentation Mode, now available in MiroMarch 13, 2023Back in November at Distributed ’22, Miro’s annual virtual conference, we teased the beta of our new presentation mode to an excited (virtual) crowd. Now, we’re excited to release it to all our users! But what is Interacti…

To sum up, Miro whiteboard best practices include using visual project mapping, planning tools, effective task management, and interactive presentations. Its’ extensive project management template collection, integrations with popular task management apps, and visual collaboration platform make it a powerful tool for remote and distributed teams to collaborate effectively.

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