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SpatialChat News Digest #9

Sasha Rosman

Welcome back to our SpatialChat News Digest👋

It’s been a while since we last connected through our news updates, but rest assured, our silence has been anything but quiet.

Today, we're excited to share news, updates, and novelties to enrich your SpatialChat experience. From crucial product updates to introducing new offerings, this digest is packed with information we can’t wait for you to explore.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the latest developments that are set to make your SpatialChat journey even more enjoyable and seamless!


Product Updates

The past few months have been bustling with activity. We have been diligently addressing minor issues, rolling out updates, and introducing new products we're excited to share.

DND Mode update

We've taken your feedback seriously. Thanks to our vigilant user community, an issue with the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode came to our attention.

We've temporarily disabled DND mode and are currently investigating to provide a permanent fix✨

Spring-themed backgrounds

We're thrilled to introduce a new collection of spring-themed backgrounds, perfect for remote offices, special events, or casual gatherings with friends. These backgrounds are now available in your space within the backdrop gallery, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to your meetings.

For more dynamic and thematic options, don't forget to visit the SpatialChat Center, where we continuously expand our selection to enhance your virtual presence.

We’re dedicated to addressing your concerns, implementing your suggestions, and always moving forward with innovations that enhance your virtual interaction experience.

On-Premise Suite: New product announcement

We're proud to unveil the SpatialChat On-Premise suite — a bespoke solution crafted with the highest data privacy and governance standards in mind.

This solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your IT environment, offering unprecedented control and customization.

  • Tailored deployment and maintenance
    Gain total control over the deployment and ongoing maintenance of the SpatialChat platform. This autonomy allows you to customize the setup to fit your organizational needs and IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration within your domain.
  • Uncompromised data management and security
    With the SpatialChat On-Premise suite, your business can confidently navigate the complexities of compliance and data privacy. This solution places all data management squarely under your governance policies, making it an ideal choice for organizations subject to strict data protection regulations.

As we continue to innovate, the SpatialChat On-Premise suite is a testament to our commitment to providing secure, flexible, and customized communication solutions that cater to the intricate needs of modern businesses.

Unlocking Virtual Creativity: SpatialChat Useful Articles

Engaging participants — whether attendees at an event, colleagues in a meeting, or students in an online class—demands innovative strategies.

This section features articles brimming with creative mechanics designed to captivate and maintain your audience's attention. Explore these resources to discover various techniques that can transform your virtual spaces into hubs of interaction and creativity, ensuring every session is attended and truly experienced.

Mastering the Art of Video Background Selection

Choosing the perfect virtual background is more than just about looks—it's a thoughtful choice that shapes the environment, boosts creative interaction, and creates a setting ripe for engaging exchanges.

Beyond just masking those pesky background interruptions, these backgrounds offer a canvas for corporate branding, turning every virtual encounter into an opportunity to reinforce brand identity.

Whether you're a professional looking to elevate your virtual meetings, an educator aiming to captivate your students, or simply seeking to enhance your virtual hangouts with friends, this guide provides valuable tips.

MozFest Case: Gamification of Networking

Interactive activities have a profound impact on participants in virtual events. They are dynamic, infusing energy and engagement into the atmosphere. Integrating these activities is beneficial even in formal events, as they break the ice, foster interaction, and make the experience memorable for attendees.

Take, for example, MozFest, which is organized by Mozilla. When MozFest moved to a virtual format on the SpatialChat platform, it retained its vibrant spirit of community and creativity, partly thanks to the inclusion of interactive games.

Be sure not to overlook the article penned by Randy, a developer involved with the game. His comprehensive review offers insight into the game's mechanics and features. This article will be a valuable resource for event organizers, providing them with essential insights and knowledge.

By integrating such a game, MozFest enhanced participant engagement, encouraged exploration of complex topics, and facilitated meaningful connections among attendees.

Gamification of Online Classes

Let's talk about the magic of interactive activities in language learning classes! It's not just about keeping learners glued to their screens; it's about making the learning journey more effective and fun.

Did you know that when we bring games and quizzes into our online learning, we're actually turbocharging the learning process?

Studies show that using interactive elements like games can boost student productivity by up to 50%.

The blog hosted by the International Center for Language Studies features an insightful article by Edwige Simon, PhD, the Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning. In this text, Simon highlights an engaging escape game designed for students and offers valuable guidance on game development for educators and tutors.

Good games are hard to design. You need to develop a compelling and coherent scenario and challenges that are just difficult enough to keep the students engaged. In the game I designed, some challenges are on the more difficult side. Some of the links are a bit hidden in the background. If the game is too easy, students will solve it in a few minutes. If it’s too hard, they’ll give up.

This resource is an excellent example for those looking to integrate interactive learning methods into their teaching strategies.

Language Learning Games: Quest Games in SpatialChat
Engage students in immersive language learning games using Spatial Chat, puzzle games, and mystery games to enhance learning and collaboration.

It's all about creating those cool connections that turn learning into an adventure!