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June product updates: a glimpse into the latest innovations

Sasha Rosman

We are thrilled to share SpatialChat recent product updates! Here you will find a range of features that will enhance your meetings and events in SpatialChat.


  • Now Space Admin can turn off sound notification in the settings. To do that, open Space settings and turn it on/off playing with Sound effects hover. If turned off, it will ensure that there will be no sound notifications in the space.
  • Virtual background and Noise cancellation features are now available only on paid plans.
  • DND status is reset automatically on the Welcome page. So, if you leave your space with the DND on, be sure that it will be off by default next time when you enter.
  • Sound notifications are switched off during recording on Stage by default.
  • Bugs with sound and microphone fixed.
  • Microphone bugs fixed, connection of devices optimized.