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Release 22/09/2022: Following mode, Spotlight me, Fullscreen in Workplace room

— Sasha Rosman

Hey guys👋

Now you can create a new room for collaboration and productivity - the Workplace. This time we're going to walk you through some new awesome features released in Workplace room: Following, Spotlight me, and Fullscreen are out!

Following and Spotlight me grant access to observe what other users are doing in real-time:

- Following is perfect for a one-to-one scenario, and when it comes to the instant intention to track another person’s actions.

- Spotlight me is like presenting a screen for everyone in the room. It’s a presenter who starts spotlighting, and one or more participants choose either to join it or not. Fullscreen mode helps diving deeper into the details of any window.


  • Following mode- allows everyone to select a user and track what he is doing on the room background. In detail, choose a person's bubble at the bottom of the screen, click on it, and you will begin to see their view of the canvas.

    This helps you to follow along their actions and keep an eye on their movements. Moreover, we won't tell someone if you follow them. We do still show your cursor's location when you're following someone else.
  • Spotlight me - click on Spotlight me icon on the toolbar at the bottom so that other room guests can see they are invited to join a screen presentation mode.

    Others can choose either joining or ignoring whenever they wish. In the same way as Following feature, it shows to everyone you what's happening on the screen of a presenter. And in this case, we allow the presenter to see the number of users who joined spotlighting.
  • Fullscreen mode - take advantage of opening any selected window to cover up the whole background. Simply select the window, find Enter fullscreen icon at the top of it, click and enjoy.

    It gets quite flexible when fullscreen mode is opened: you can choose to open another window in fullscreen, send messages, and turn on your mic or camera at a time.

Check out the new features in your Workplace room today, already available in your space🚀

With ❤️ from SpatialChat