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Release 23/12/2022: Grid view, DND mode, Christmas hats

Sasha Rosman

Hey SpatialChat Friends👋

We’ve cooked and released some exciting features to make you smile ahead of New Year and Christmas time🎄


  • Grid View -  with the new Grid View feature, Breakout room gets even more functionality and extended visibility. It nicely covers multiple use cases from One-on-Ones to Group online meetings up to 12 people.

    Together with this View, you are still capable to use SpatialChat powerful and popular features: screen sharing, switch between screens, sending reactions with messages, and megaphone or broadcast capabilities. To use the feature, choose either to zoom in as much as possible or press the Enter Grid View button.
  • Do not disturb” mode - In case it either appears that attendees start feeling uncomfortable during networking, or there is a sudden urge to step away from the meeting for some time - we included the new “Do not disturb” mode.

    The feature allows to show off to others that you are unavailable and can’t talk still being present in the online room. Simply, hover the cursor over your bubble or click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. While the "Do not disturb" mode is active, your avatar gets smaller and we also show the message "Sorry, I'm currently away”.
  • 🎄Christmas hats - we’ve brought some glorious Christmas vibe to the platform and released seasonal eye-catching hat decorations for video bubbles ahead of the holiday time. Festive hats, bright scarves, colourful masks, stylish glasses.. and even garlands with wreaths together with other accessories are ready to get you well-dressed and to cheer you up.

    To try the decorations, hover a cursor on the bubble, click Dress up button, and play around with the bunch of accessories.

Join your space and let’s start exploring, or try for free if you are new🚀

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let the magic of the season be always with you, with ❤️ from SpatialChat