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SpatialChat is Product of the day #1 on Product Hunt

Sasha Rosman

Hey everyone 👋

Following up with a piece of great news about the Product Hunt launch we recently announced.

It was a success!

SpatialChat got over 1270 upvotes, tweets, and likes on social media and the community😱

This has become a result of your support and commitment to our product and our team's hard work to develop the Workplace to collaborate online🤩

Now you can get even more productive: join the Workplace room, and invite your team as it is designed for you! Choose your use case: stand-up, brainstorming, design review, pair programming, sales pitch, or other scenarios to get your job done 😎

Learn more about the Workplace:

We are happy to invite you to check it out in your space:

Big thanks you stayed with us and helped to deliver a better solution 🥳

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