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PDF embeds

PDF embedding is a feature within the SpatialChat platform that allows users to upload and display PDF files directly within the virtual space.

PDF files can be pinned in a room, giving participants the ability to access and refer to these documents anytime they are in the space.

The "PDF embed" feature is available on all SpatialChat plans.
*but there are limitations

How PDF embed works in SpatialChat

In SpatialChat, you can upload a PDF file that will be visible to all participants within a room.

This feature is extremely versatile and can be utilized in various settings including online events, classrooms, and virtual offices. Depending on the situation, users can pin important PDFs like training manuals, academic papers, or financial reports, creating a more enriched and interactive environment.

Online events

The PDF embed feature is particularly useful during online events like webinars, workshops, and virtual conferences.

Users can pin a PDF of each poster next to the presenter's avatar. This allows attendees to walk up to the virtual poster, just like they would in a physical space, and engage in discussions while having the relevant information right in front of them.

In technology-focused or academic workshops, organizers can pin PDFs containing technical specifications and diagrams. This enables participants to review complex data or follow along during hands-on activities, enriching their learning experience.

Online education

When used in an educational context, PDF embeds can make online learning more seamless and interactive.

Teachers can pin PDFs of lecture slides, academic papers, or supplementary reading materials in the virtual classroom. This negates the need for screen sharing, thus reducing technical complications and improving the flow of the class.

As classes progress over time, teachers can reuse the same pinned PDFs, allowing students to review and reinforce their learning. This makes the feature especially effective for courses that require continual review and building upon previously learned material, such as language classes.

Remote work

In the context of a virtual office, PDF embeds serve as essential tools for efficient onboarding, training, and communication.

For instance, during an onboarding session, HR can pin PDFs containing company policies, employee handbooks, and departmental guidelines in the virtual space. New hires can easily access this information, making their induction process smoother and more informative.

In virtual quarterly town halls, executives can pin PDFs featuring financial reports, strategic plans, and performance metrics on the canvas. This enables all employees to access critical company information without the need for a formal presentation, promoting transparency and open communication.

PDF embedding in SpatialChat enhances the virtual experience by allowing organizers and participants to share and access important documents effortlessly. It is a feature that complements the platform's mission to create interactive and lifelike virtual environments.

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