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Communication features

Private Areas

Private Areas are a specialized feature available within the Breakout room designed to offer a secure and secluded environment.

This allows for more private and focused conversations, collaborations, and one-on-one interactions.

Private Areas are more than just “rooms”; they are secure, versatile spaces that cater to various needs, improving the overall quality of virtual interactions. Whether for online events, education, or corporate settings, they offer an added layer of privacy and focus that significantly enhances user experience.

The "Private Areas" feature is available on all SpatialChat plans.

How Private Areas work in SpatialChat

In the SpatialChat platform, creating or entering a Private Area is akin to stepping into a private room within a larger virtual space. Here, you can have confidential discussions, brainstorming sessions, or even virtual business meetings without any interruptions. The feature is versatile enough to serve multiple purposes across different contexts, whether it's an online event, a virtual classroom, or a remote office setup.

Online events

Private Areas can be particularly beneficial during online events. They offer the ideal setting for Confidential Networking, enabling attendees to have more targeted and discreet interactions.

You can create a conference map for participants in the same space, allowing groups of people to talk in private without overlapping with an adjacent conversation.

Event organizers can set up these areas to facilitate one-on-one or small group conversations, enhancing the networking experience.

For example, during a virtual trade fair, event sponsors could utilize Private Areas to engage with potential clients or partners discreetly. This provides sponsors with an exclusive space to conduct product demos, showcase presentations, or hold individual meetings, thereby maximizing their visibility and ROI.

Online education

In an educational context, Private Areas are equally effective. They provide a space for Confidential Discussions between students and teachers or among the students themselves. For instance, students can use these spaces to discuss a task in smaller groups, offering a more comfortable environment for those who may feel intimidated speaking up in larger group settings.

During seminars, it is possible to divide people in a common room into smaller groups.

Private Areas also assist in Enhanced Classroom Management. Teachers can divide the online class into smaller groups to focus on specific learning objectives or topics, enabling more manageable and focused discussions.

For example, an instructor can assign a group task requiring students to debate a specific topic. Students can then utilize the Private Area to carry out their debate while the instructor can effortlessly switch between areas to monitor progress.

Remote work

The utility of Private Areas extends to virtual office environments as well. These secluded spaces are ideal for Confidential Meetings, offering a secure setting for discussions about HR issues, performance reviews, or other sensitive matters.

Participants are more likely to become engaged when they are working in smaller groups. This is because they have the opportunity to share their ideas and receive feedback from the team.

For example, an employee could use a Private Area to discuss their career development plans in a one-on-one meeting with an HR manager.

Furthermore, Focused Collaboration is made easier as team members can use these spaces to concentrate on specific projects without distractions. This encourages a more productive work environment.

Private Areas also contribute to Promoting Inclusivity and Psychological Safety within the virtual workspace. Team members who may feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive issues in a public space can use Private Areas to communicate more openly, thus nurturing a supportive and inclusive work culture.

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