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In a world increasingly shifting toward remote work and virtual gatherings, training and workshop facilitators often struggle to create immersive and interactive experiences for participants.

Traditional video conferencing solutions can be rigid and lacking in features that allow for dynamic group activities and real-time engagement.

Enter SpatialChat: a platform designed to mitigate these challenges and provide a more natural, engaging, and versatile environment for hosting virtual trainings and workshops.

A guide to SpatialChat's essential features

Let's explore the unique functionalities that make this platform a go-to choice for those looking to organize effective and interactive virtual training sessions and workshops.

A new dimension in online communication

One of platform's standout features is Spatial Audio. Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, which broadcast audio uniformly to all participants, SpatialChat creates a more nuanced auditory experience.

As attendees move closer to a conversation within the virtual space, the audio gets louder, mimicking real-world dynamics. This flexibility allows facilitators to split participants into smaller, dynamic groups effortlessly for hands-on activities or breakout discussions.

During a virtual strategy session, a facilitator used SpatialChat to divide participants into small groups to discuss various topics. Each group could hold their own private discussion as if they were in separate corners of a room. As the facilitator moved among the groups, they could easily tune into each conversation, just like they would in a physical setting.

Level up your branding with SpatialChat

Another feature enhancing the training experience is the customizable Room backgrounds. Facilitators can transport participants to different environments or themed locations, increasing engagement and setting the mood for specific activities. These backgrounds also provide an opportunity for branding, as companies can use this feature to align the virtual space with their corporate identity.

*попробовать найти запись вебинара с Mission Team (или найти примеры фото их спейса (которые находятся в общем доступе)*

During an employee onboarding session, a company used a custom-designed office background to make new hires feel as though they were right there in the corporate environment. This not only added a visual element but also helped newcomers understand the company culture better.

The importance of content variety for engagement

The versatility of adding content in SpatialChat sets the stage for a highly interactive and engaging training experience.

Here are some ways it enhances the platform:

  • Demonstrate educational Mmaterials
    Facilitators can instantly share educational videos, diagrams, and more to supplement the learning experience.
  • Variety of content
    From GIFs to images, facilitators can add different types of content to make the session more engaging.
  • Attach relevant PDFs
    Whether it's a handout or a detailed guide, participants can access and download PDFs directly within the virtual environment.
  • Dynamic presentations
    No need to switch between screens or programs. Everything from slides to videos can be displayed in one unified space with Multiplie screenharing.
  • Integrated tools
    With support for integrated tools like Miro Boards and Google Docs, the platform inspires creativity and real-time collaboration among learners.
In an online training session on project management, a trainer used these features to seamlessly shift from a presentation slide to a video case study. Participants were also invited to collaborate in a real-time Google Doc, and they could download PDF handouts directly from the virtual space. This multifaceted approach made the session highly interactive and ensured participants were continually engaged.

The ability to add content is just one of the many features that make SpatialChat an ideal platform for virtual training and workshops.

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