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Room types

Breakout room

Breakout room emulates the dynamics of a physical office, class, and event with the Spatial Audio feature. Here, participants can enter a room and engage in group discussions by maneuvering their avatars closer to a cluster of people.

With its Spatial Audio and intuitive design, it revolutionizes how we interact in virtual spaces, making online events, classes, and workplaces more engaging and lifelike.

With a capacity limit of 50 users, each Breakout room allows for seamless interaction, screen sharing, and content addition.

The Breakout room is available on all SpatialChat plans.

How Breakout Room works in SpatialChat

  • Whether you're hosting online events, conducting virtual classes, or running a remote office, the Breakout Room serves diverse purposes. Its Spatial Audio feature enhances the experience, adjusting the volume of conversations based on the proximity of avatars, creating a more natural and immersive setting.

Online events

The Breakout room is invaluable for online events, particularly for networking sessions.

It enables attendees to move freely between groups, replicating the experience of mingling at an in-person event.

Imagine you're at a virtual conference. During a networking break, participants could enter the Breakout room and drift towards avatars representing experts in their field. By merely dragging their avatar closer, they can listen in on conversations, ask questions, and establish professional connections, all while enjoying a more natural, less static mode of interaction.

Online education

For online educational settings, the Breakout room offers a dynamic and engaging classroom experience.

Students can move around to form study groups, discuss assignments, or engage in class activities.

In an online psychology course, the instructor could ask students to divide into small groups within the Breakout room to discuss case studies. Each group can move to a different corner of the virtual room, and when it’s time to share their insights with the class, they can easily reconvene by moving their avatars back to the central meeting area.

Remote work

Virtual offices can also greatly benefit from the Breakout room.

It offers an easy way for team members to engage in quick discussions, hold team meetings, or even enjoy virtual water-cooler chats.

In a virtual tech startup office, team members can utilize the Breakout room for their daily stand-up meetings. Each department could move to its designated area in the room, discuss daily tasks and then return to the larger group to provide updates. This way, the Breakout room mimics the feel of an actual office environment, maintaining team coherence and communication.

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