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Direct Messages

Direct Messages is a feature in the SpatialChat platform that allows users to send messages to a specific individual, bypassing the Room Chat.

The Direct Messages is available on all SpatialChat plans.

How Direct Messages work in SpatialChat

The Direct Messages feature is not just for casual conversations; it has practical applications in a variety of settings like online events, classrooms, and virtual offices.

Let's examine how these functions are applied in particular scenarios.

Online events

During online events, the Direct Messages feature serves as an excellent tool for virtual networking.

Attendees can use it to connect with other participants for initiating focused discussions or exchanging contact information. This fosters valuable connections within the event community, away from the clutter of a public chat room.

In a poster session of a virtual scientific conference, attendees could direct message the presenter to ask specific questions about the research or even to establish a follow-up conversation for potential collaboration.

Online education

For educators and students, the Direct Messages feature can be a boon.

Educators can use this functionality to offer personalized support and feedback to individual students, helping to clear any doubts they might have without disrupting the class flow.

During an online math lesson, if a student is struggling to understand a particular concept, they can send a direct message to the teacher for clarification. This enables real-time support and ensures that the rest of the class can proceed without interruption.

Remote work

In a virtual office setting, Direct Messages can facilitate efficient work processes.

Team leaders or managers can provide personalized support and guidance to individual team members without the need to break from the group activity or meeting.

During a team meeting in a virtual office, if a team member needs further clarification on a project deadline or specific tasks, they can direct message the manager without disrupting the meeting's flow.

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