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Locked Room

The Locked Room feature is designed to add a layer of privacy and exclusivity to your virtual spaces.

It enables you to create private spots in Breakout rooms, essentially minimizing the chances of overhearing and adding a sense of intimacy and security to virtual interactions.

The "Locked Room" feature is available on all SpatialChat plans.

How Locked Room works in SpatialChat

Creating a Locked Room is a straightforward process, yet its implications are quite versatile. You can lock a room with a password, thereby restricting access to only those who have it. This is particularly useful in a wide variety of settings, from exclusive online events to confidential business meetings or specialized educational sessions.

Let's examine how these functions are applied in particular scenarios.

Online events

The Locked Room feature offers a transformative edge to online events. For instance, it can be used to create exclusive VIP sessions.

Only attendees who possess the designated password can enter, thus enhancing the exclusivity of the experience. This can be quite beneficial for closed-door meetings or content that you want to keep premium and accessible only to a select audience.

In a virtual tech workshop with multiple sessions happening simultaneously, you can create a Locked Room for an exclusive hands-on session with a guest speaker. This adds a layer of controlled attendance and ensures that only those who have pre-registered and paid for this special session can access it.

Online education

The feature extends its utility into the educational sector as well. Teachers can use Locked Rooms to create smaller, controlled learning groups within a larger online class.

This is particularly useful for focused lectures, important discussions, or even examinations, minimizing distractions and interruptions.

In a course on environmental science, the teacher can assign a task that requires group discussion and research. The class can be divided into smaller groups, each given a Locked Room to execute the task. This not only promotes collaborative learning but also ensures that each group can engage in meaningful discussions without distractions from the rest of the class.

Remote office

Virtual offices have become more common, and Locked Rooms can serve multiple functions in this setting.

For team members who need to discuss confidential matters, Locked Rooms offer a private space that is both secure and exclusive.

During a virtual team meeting, the management team needs to discuss quarterly earnings before public disclosure. A Locked Room can be set up to ensure that only authorized team members can join this crucial discussion.

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