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Audio features

How to use the Megaphone

The Megaphone is a feature within the Breakout room. Using it, users can bypass Spatial Audio, allowing them to be heard clearly across the entire room.

Important! Unlike Broadcast, the Megaphone feature only works within the command in which it is enabled.

How the Megaphone feature works

As you already know, SpatialChat rooms have dynamic volume level. This means that the volume of the conversation adjusts based on the distance between you and the other participants, similar to how it would in a real room.

However, there may be times when you need everyone in the room to hear you equally well. In these situations, you can use the Megaphone feature to amplify your voice for all to hear.

How to set up and turn on Megaphone

You can enable the feature from the bottom panel by clicking on the Megaphone icon.

When the Megaphone is in use, the avatar of the person speaking will become larger, allowing everyone in the room to easily identify who is speaking.

Of course, your Room Permissions allow you to assign the Megaphone to a select group of users as required, for maximum control and flexibility.

Please note: Admins and Space Moderators are not affected by Space permissions.