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User interface

SpatialChat Teams and Spaces

The Space is a virtual venue you create, which can contain various rooms.

The Team is a collection of spaces organized according to the preferences of the owners or administrators.

Teams and Spaces are displayed on your dashboard as follows.

The number of spaces that can be created within teams is determined by the chosen subscription plan.

How to use the Team panel

Let's take the team "Wines of the World" as an example, which can be easily managed from the Dashboard.

If I click on a Team from the dashboard:

  • It redirects me to the Team panel. Here, I can see the capacity of the Team, invite members, and manage spaces.
  • The first option on the left is "Settings,"

You, as an admin, can switch off the Public Space option, and "Continuous as a guest"  will disappear. It means your participants will need to Login with the mail.

Also you can access a range of features such as Users, Plan details, Logo, SSO, and more.

From these panels, I can conveniently manage and customize my Team as needed.

All of these settings are also applicable to the spaces within the team.

How to invite members to your Team

Users must be invited to gain access to the team and its spaces:

  • Сlick on the purple button "+Invite," type the e-mail you want to invite, and select the space.
  • Select between Members and Guests: 
  • Then add their e-mails and select their role: 
  • Once your members have accepted the invite, you can change the levels of permissions and assign different spaces through the user panel. 

We've discussed this process in detail in this article:

How to create a Space

To create a new space, select the team to which it will belong, then click "Create space".

There are several options when creating a space:

  • Create a new space: Click "Create default space" in a new window.
  • Create a space based on a themed template: Choose one of the room designs that's tailored to your desired theme.

Afterward, decide on a name for your space and click "Continue.”

If you want the space to be accessible only to registered SpatialChat users, tick the "Private space" box. *This feature is available in certain paid subscriptions.

Next, grant permission for camera and microphone access, test their functionality (optionally enable the virtual background or noise cancellation features), and enter the space by clicking "Join space".

How to invite members to your Space

While in a space, you can also invite users to join.

This process is detailed in this article:

How to invite users | SpatialChat Help Center
After creating a team and space, you can invite users in two ways.