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User interface

Grid View mode

The Grid View feature helps you focus on the profiles of the people you are talking to or, for example, on screen share.

How to use Grid view mode

This feature only works in Breakout rooms. To use the Grid View:

  • You can either zoom in as much as possible (this will automatically turn on the Grid View) or press the "Enter Grid View" button.

You can also set Grid View to be enabled by default in the room through the menu on the left in the "Settings" section.

If you check the "Grid View by default" box, then whenever someone enters the room, the Grid View will automatically be turned on for them.

Also, you can disable the ability to switch to the Grid View in the room through Room Permissions.

The maximum number of people that can be displayed in the Grid View is 12.

If there are fewer than 12 people in the room, they will be displayed in the order they entered the room.

More Details

If there are more than 12 people, they will be displayed in this order:

  • People currently sharing their screen,
  • People speaking,
  • People who have recently sent a message,
  • People who have their camera turned on,
  • People who have their microphone turned on,
  • People who entered the room in the order they arrived.

In Grid View mode, you can:

  • Start or stop screen sharing,
  • See who is sharing their screen,
  • Switch between screen shares (using the mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard),
  • Turn your camera on or off,
  • Turn your microphone on or off,
  • Send reactions,
  • Send text messages,
  • Use a megaphone,
  • Use Broadcast.

Note that the Grid View mode only works for the person who has switched to it. This means that if you switch to Grid View, the other people will remain in normal mode unless they switch to Grid View as well.

However, you will be able to see everyone in Grid View. For each person, the Grid View will be limited to their audio zone, but when you switch to it, you will hear the same audio as the people in zoom mode.