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Video and Audio Problems

Your device settings

It is recommended to use a computer or laptop instead of a mobile device. If you do need to use a smartphone or tablet, keep in mind that there may be some limitations:

I am using a mobile device. What are the limitations?


We suggest using the most current version of Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers often update automatically. It is also possible to use other browsers based on Chromium, but if you encounter any issues, we recommend trying Chrome first to see if the issue persists.

Chrome is also available for macOS.

Google Chrome - Download

Firefox - Download

Camera and microphone

If your camera is recognized by other applications, it should work with SpatialChat as well. However, it is not possible to provide specific instructions for every type of device. If you are having trouble, you may need to search online for a manual for your specific model.

If you have multiple cameras or microphones installed, this article provides information on how to select a specific device in SpatialChat.

If you have multiple cameras (or microphones) on your computer


It is recommended to use headphones to avoid echo in your audio. In SpatialChat, it is not possible to select a specific speaker. You can only change the main speaker for your entire device.

You can find instructions for how to do this in these articles:

How to Choose Your Default Speakers on Windows 10

How to Switch Sound Output Devices on a Mac

What to do if the device is not working

Here, you'll discover tips to troubleshoot device issues within SpatialChat:

  • Close other programs that use the camera and microphone If you receive a message that SpatialChat cannot access your camera or microphone, it is likely because another program is currently using these devices.

Examples of programs that might cause this issue include calling software like Zoom or Skype, or screen recording software like OBS.

  • Close other programs that are slowing down your computer, and also extra browser tabs. If there are many people in the same room, it can put a lot of strain on your computer to maintain multiple connections. To prevent a poor experience, it is a good idea to free up some of your computer's resources beforehand. This will help ensure that your computer can handle the load of multiple connections.
You can directly go to the event space using the link sent to you by the event organizer or go to our demo room to check if everything is working well. Here is a link to it: SpatialChat