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Common Issues

I am using a mobile device. What are the limitations?

First of all, for the best experience, we recommend using a computer.

I am using a mobile device. What are the limitations?

For the best experience, we always recommend using a computer. However, if circumstances lead you to use a mobile device, there are some key points you should be aware of.

What are the limitations when using a mobile device?

If you find yourself without a computer and must use a mobile device (android, iPhone, iPad), you may encounter some challenges:

  • Videos added to the room will not work for you. Instead, you'll see empty rectangles. The same applies to screen sharing and iframes. This is an inherent limitation of mobile browsers, and currently, there isn't a workaround.
  • The Broadcast features might not function as expected.
  • You won't be able to add content to the room, such as images, gifs, videos, text & links, or iframes.
  • Screen sharing is unavailable when you're on Stage.
  • Access to the customization menu is restricted, even for admins. This feature is solely available on computers.
  • Rooms under the "Workplace" category are likely to have issues and might not function correctly on mobile devices.

Problem solution: Enabling desktop mode

There is a way to simulate the desktop experience on your mobile device. By activating the Full desktop view mode, you can somewhat bypass these limitations:

A word of caution: Performance might be less than optimal:
• On iOS (iPhone), we recommend using Google Chrome (ideally) or Safari.
• For Android users, Google Chrome or Firefox are the go-to browsers.

Basic functionalities, such as audio and video from other participants, should remain intact. However, we can't give a full guarantee. If you experience difficulties with SpatialChat on a mobile device, reverting to a computer is the best course of action.

Navigating rooms on mobile devices presents another challenge. Due to the confined screen space, room lists can be cumbersome. To alleviate this, we've added a dedicated button. By tapping it, you'll be able to access the full list of rooms.