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Space and Room Issues

I want more than 50 people in one room

Our Breakout rooms have a maximum capacity of 50 participants, and this cannot be altered. However, you can create additional rooms based on your plan. The Free plan includes 3 rooms by default; other plans allow you to create more rooms. Please contact our sales team for further assistance if you need more rooms.

Use of Stage — rooms for large audiences

If you need to present to a larger audience and the maximum capacity of our Breakout rooms is insufficient, you can try using a Stage room.

A Stage room is a special type of room that allows you to share your content and interact with your audience through the chat feature. To use a Stage room, you can invite your guests to the room and use the Broadcast feature to share your content.

This can be a useful alternative if you need to present to a larger group of people and our Breakout rooms' capacity is insufficient.

Creating additional rooms

Consider setting up multiple rooms to facilitate seamless communication among users irrespective of their location.

Should one room reach capacity, users can easily transition to another room to continue their conversations.