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Common Issues

List of supported browsers

We've spotlighted the top browsers and specified which ones offer the best experience with SpatialChat:

  • Google Chrome — best experience,
  • Firefox (all versions) — OK,
  • Microsoft Edge — generally OK,
  • Safari (last updated version) — almost OK,
  • Opera — OK.
Important! The Safari browser follows the W3C Privacy CG standard, which means that embeddable iframes will not work unless the user confirms that they are familiar with the product and agree to the terms of use.

To use an iframe in Safari, the user must visit our website/product and take a specific action before they will be able to see the iframe on the site. A good solution to this issue is to use the Google Chrome browser, which does not have these restrictions.

More details

A brief note regarding browser usage across different operating systems:

You can also check your browser, devices, and connections on these pages: