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A guide to your Christmas party in SpatialChat

β€” Almas Abulkhairov

After having COVID myself, we as a team decided to make remote and safe online Christmas party on SpatialChat. We want to share how to properly prepare your online holiday event.

We've just rolled out "Christmas time" theme gallery that you can use for customizing your rooms.

Christmas Time gallery

Pin music video to set up the right mood

Use "Pin Video" in order to pin a YouTube video with the right music, so your SpatialChat room is filled with the background music.

Pin the music at least in the first "Reception" room to greet your friends and colleagues, so everyone who joins is instantly immersed into the right mood.


Use the new Broadcast to open up a champagne and give a toast!

  • Ensure all your guests get their own bottle of drinks
  • When the time comes - use the new Broadcast feature turn by turn to say a toast to all your guests


As always, move between rooms or use spatial audio distancing to regroup by topic. For example, casual conversations between departments in a company-wide event.

Pin images of your team, family or friends

We are sure that most of you have those funny selfies with masks, home office photos and much more to remember in this crazy 2020. Pin all those images to remember and discuss the brightest moments of the year

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