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SpatialChat Spaces

Customization settings

Being an Admin, you can customize your Space according to your needs by using room backgrounds, changing the space name and ID and adding a custom logo.

Being an Admin, you can customize your Space according to your needs.

Room Backgrounds

For this purpose, you can choose Room backgrounds from our extensive library or upload your own personalized background.

How to use Room backgrounds | SpatialChat Help Center
To be able to change room background, you must be logged in as an admin. To change a room’s background, you need to click on this button on the left.
Our gallery backgrounds
Here, you can use backgrounds for your virtual SpatialChat adventures! You can also share your background ideas in the Сommunity backgrounds section😍 P.S. Backgrounds can be used only in SpatialChat Spaces✨ Let’s explore it now! Floor plan Step into a well-planned space in your virtual Spati…

Space Name and Space ID

Also the Space name and Space ID can be changed. ID is the name of your Space in the Space URL.

How to change the Space name and ID | SpatialChat Help Center
The Space name is the title of your space. It appears in the page title, within the space itself, and on the login form.

You have the option to replace the Custom logo with your own, adding a personal touch to the space.

How to set up Custom logo on SpatialChat | SpatialChat Help Center
The Custom logo feature is available for Day Pass, Regular, Startup, Enterprise or Pro Plan users to make your events as proprietary as they can be.

Helpful materials

Additionally, there are other methods to personalize spaces. We suggest exploring specific sections of the SpatialChat Center for further information and guidance.

Product Cards

Knowledge Base

Here, you can discover practical methods to tailor your space to your preferences.

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Customer Stories

Here, our clients showcase how they have personalized and effectively utilized their space.

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Help Center

This section provides guidelines for advanced personalization of spaces.

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