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Basics of SpatialChat

Welcome to SpatialChat!

In this virtual space, we aim to recreate the experience of an in-person conference. This guide will provide information on how to interact with others within SpatialChat.

Once you've completed reading this page, you'll notice arrow buttons at the bottom of the page. Use these to navigate through the platform and get acquainted with its features step by step.

Should you have a particular question, consult the left-hand panel. This panel organizes all pages by section, making it easy for you to navigate through the guide and find the information you need.

How to use SpatialChat?

We've crafted a comprehensive overview of our platform just for you. In it, we demonstrate the core features, their functionalities and diverse applications in various scenarios.

If you prefer to navigate the functionalities of the space independently, our interactive guide is highly recommended for a self-guided exploration.

Welcome aboard, and happy reading!