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How to Set Up Video Conferencing Platforms

Video conferencing platforms have become increasingly popular providing users an easy way to communicate and collaborate online. Whether for business or personal use, these platforms allow to stay connected despite large physical distances. Here are some tips on how to set up a Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, and SpatialChat.

What is a Video Conferencing Platform?

A video conferencing platform is a virtual meeting space that allows multiple people from different locations to join via audio and/or video. It is a digital version of traditional face-to-face meetings and it offers similar functionality:

  • screen sharing,
  • text chat,
  • file sharing,
  • whiteboard collaboration, and more.

This technology enables teams to interact as if they were in the same room, even though they may be located thousands of miles apart from each other.

How to Set Up on Different Platforms/Services

To start with video conferencing, users shall start by downloading or accessing the platform’s software or app and then creating an account if necessary. Once setup is completed, it becomes possible to host meetings or to join other participants’ conferences. Here are instructions for setting up the most popular video conferencing platforms: Zoom, SpatialChat, and Google Meet.


Zoom is one of the leading providers of cloud-based communications software solutions and provides access to its services through its website or app (available on iOS and Android).


To set up Zoom Meeting on a computer or mobile, you must first:

  • Download Zoom app from the official website.
  • Set up a Zoom account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  • Once registered, you can set up zoom video calls and invite other participants by clicking ‘New Meeting’ in the main dashboard. Only after that you set the background.
  • You can also set up Zoom Meeting in advance. Other users will have access to the space when it’s set up.
When setting up the Breakout room in Zoom call, ensure you're protecting yourself from Zoombombing. Share a link only with your intended participants and assign roles and access levels as needed - so that everything runs smoothly!

Of course, other issues might arise, like poor sound quality due to bad internet connections or background noise disrupting calls. To combat these problems, try changing microphone settings or switching off unwanted noises for a more enjoyable experience.


SpatialChat is a modern visual collaboration platform that allows users to host private chats or public conversations.

To get started using SpatialChat, start from the following:

  • Go to, and click "Start meeting now."
  • Сreate a profile by entering your email address.
  • Then choose if you would like to use it for personal or business purposes before building rooms for your team members.

Some unique benefits of this platform include its ease of use, the ability for quick setup, and no time limits.

It allows participants to join into conversations at any time during their workday without missing out on important information shared earlier in the meeting.

Google Meet

Google Meet on the computer is Google's analogue of teleconferencing services such as Zoom. It offers similar features, including screen sharing, adjustable viewing modes, recording options, and more. All of them are accessible via web browser and mobile app versions, available on Android or iOS, respectively. To set up Google Meet:

  • User needs to have access or register a Gmail account.  Then one can download the version either directly from Google Play store or App Store, depending on their device type.
  • Once installed, it’s required to sign in with the credentials, create a new ‘room’, and then invite other participants into a conference call by setting up a Google Meet login link.

Trying to get a Google Meet with family or friends? Don't be frustrated if your camera keeps freezing due to a slow connection. Restarting or reconnecting is usually a perfect fix! However, please be mindful of the length of the meeting, as you can encounter up to 60 minutes free available for free plan users.

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