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How to create a Halloween virtual party?

Are you ready to host a great virtual Halloween party for your team or friends? Virtual space SpatialChat will open your eyes to the next level of virtual engagement. I want to congrats you, cos you are in the right place.

Let me start with the basic description of SpatialChat:

SpatialChat is a virtual space where you can recreate real-life emotions and get close as it gets to real-life experiences.

Virtual Halloween party ideas

By implementing regular team-building activities for your employees, you’ll keep them attached regardless of where they are based. A virtual Halloween party (or any other event) in SpatialChat is a great way to connect for a fun and engaging time.


Bingo is a very straightforward game; you can adjust the game style as you like: numbers, images, or words. Customize bing tickets and add URL to the space, or send bingo tickets via e-mail or share the QR code in the space.

Tips: two Bingo games per event are excellent.

Prepare some gifts and spin the Wheel of names

A perfect way to get your guests intrigued by doing nothing😊

Tips: We suggest organizing it in the Stage room, and when you have a winner, just invite them to the stage for a small talk.

This or That is a warming-up icebreaker

Create questions like Trick or Treat, Witches or Vampires, Halloween Party or Scary Movie?... and ask participants to move the avatar according to preferences.

How to create your own space in SpatialChat?

  • Go to SpatialChat website,
  • Press on the purple button "Start Meeting,"
  • You can change your user name or/and press "Continue,"
  • Allow the system to recognize your camera and microphone and click "Join Space,"
  • Welcome to your own virtual space🎉
  • To activate a free plan on SpatialChat, click "Upgrade plan" and enter your email,
  • You now have access to the Dashboard and your space in SpatialChat.

Halloween speed dating

Dedicate a time for each round and let guests find the next partner to talk with. During speed dating, you can ask questions like:

  • Why is pumpkin a Halloween symbol?
  • Do you do something special for the Halloweens?
  • What was the last horror movie you watched?
  • What are you scared of?

Just save this background and upload it to your virtual space.

Let the fun begin!

Escape from Halloween

How to create virtual escape game concepts in SpatialChat?
Here will be a sample and an idea for your virtual events.

Here you can find a sample space

Guess the movies from emojis

Create a presentation and share it in the space. (See the sample below) Ask your guest to type an answer in the chat.
👻🚫🔫🧓🧔🤵‍♂️👦 = Ghostbusters

Can you find a pumpkin with a missing nose?

Look for the image online, upload it to the space, and ask your guests to find, for example, a bat🦇.  If your guest finds what you asked for, they will need to place their avatar on top of the object they were looking for.

Feel free to use Halloween backgrounds to customize your space

You can find them in the SpatialChat background library.
Customize your space with spooky gifs, add videos with your favorite music and enjoy this Halloween adventure with your friends and colleagues.

Atis Silis,

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