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With many universities offering courses on business and entrepreneurship, there is a clear emphasis on innovation-driven programs and the increasing importance of digital technological support throughout the course of studies. In the realm of hybrid and remote programs, the question arises: How can we ensure high-quality education? The answer lies in developing programs that utilize interactive platforms, creating engaging and immersive learning experiences in virtual environments.

Innovative Journey: UMSA x SpatialChat
The University of Museo Social Argentino (UMSA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is renowned for its commitment to providing a well-rounded education that balances scientific, technological, and cultural perspectives. To enhance their teaching and research efforts, Matías Mazza, Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at UMSA, sought to foster greater interaction and engagement during meetings. Matías discovered SpatialChat, a platform that transformed their meetings, leaving a lasting impact on the university's promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Uniting the Melting Pot

Matías encountered the task of finding alternative methods to boost interaction during meetings, moving beyond the limitations of traditional video conferencing that lacked the desired level of engagement. He aimed to introduce individuals from diverse domains, such as Art and Human Sciences, to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

"I wanted the participants to gather online freely, without any constraints, and truly connect."

SpatialChat emerged as the optimal solution, enabling Matías to gather people from various fields in a single virtual space and fostering cross-domain knowledge sharing. This effectively captivated participants and facilitated their exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Most Valuable Player of the Virtual Meetings Toolkit

In August 2021, Matías embraced SpatialChat as a leading addition to UMSA's tool repertoire, supplementing other platforms like the university's learning management system (LMS) and traditional conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meets. Matías seamlessly integrated SpatialChat with existing tools, leveraging its unique features (Miro and Google Docs integration,  Screenshare, Stage Room, YouTube videos and other multimedia content) to augment the meeting experience.

"I am impressed by the dynamics and accessibility of SpatialChat.”

He successfully introduced participants to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, providing them with valuable insights into the field while promoting the center's offerings.

Additional Practical Applications

Building a tech-savvy team
Moreover, Matías took on the role of being a tool curator, showcasing SpatialChat to fellow teachers interested in integrating technology into their teaching methods. He enthusiastically demonstrated how to use technological tools for EdTech pedagogy, especially to teachers who were less familiar with such technologies.

Student-Curated Library Space
Sparked by the introduction of the tool, students eagerly ventured into experimentation. They conceptualized and brought to life a virtual library, complete with dedicated rooms, a vibrant cafe, and an interactive stage. This student-led initiative exemplified their willingness to explore new tools and apply them across various aspects of university communication.

Going beyond formality
Matías also took advantage of SpatialChat's versatility beyond his regular meetings. The platform made it easy to host design sessions, speed dating activities, and even play board games, boosting creativity and keeping participants engaged in a fun and interactive way.

Going beyond formality

Let the conversation ride the wave, no buzzkills or interruptions

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that reduced turn-taking, or switching between speakers, led to less positive feelings about the interaction. In contrast, increased turn-taking resulted in greater cooperation and subjective performance. Lack of interactive turn-taking negatively affects social interaction and task performance in virtual settings. These findings shed light on the crucial role of interactive web conferencing in facilitating positive online interactions.

Current Research: Organic communication with no interruptions leaves speakers more content and heighten their performance

When communication flows organically, both in offline and online settings, it fosters enhanced engagement, cooperation, and overall performance, as supported by practical evidence.

SpatialChat, unlike conventional tools, facilitated communication dynamics by allowing attendees to freely move around the virtual space and engage in side conversations without disrupting the main speaker. This unique feature creates a respectful and uninterrupted meeting environment, aligning perfectly with the research's emphasis on the positive impact of interactive turn-taking on subjective performance and social interaction. By enabling side conversations while maintaining the flow of the main discussion, SpatialChat supports positive social interaction and enhances task performance in virtual settings.

“It let us talk without interruptions, showing respect for everyone in the meeting.”

Sense of Shared Space

SpatialChat's immersive capabilities, including proximity audio and the freedom to move around in the virtual space, create a sense of physical presence and enhance engagement and collaboration during meetings. This feature, along with the ability to freely explore the virtual environment, contributes to an enriched meeting experience for participants.

"It's incredible how using this platform makes us feel like we're in the same room, even when we're joining from different locations.”

Supercharged Workspace & Features in Action

By utilizing the following SpatialChat's features, Matías transformed his meetings into animated and interactive experiences:

  • Miro Integration: enables interactive visualizations, fostering collaborative idea exploration, concept mapping, and visual problem-solving. It facilitates the sharing of visual content, such as diagrams, mind maps, and sketches, enhancing student engagement)
  • Screenshare and Stage Room functionality: facilitate effective presentation delivery and interactive feedback sessions. Teachers can share screens and multimedia content, while students have the opportunity to present their work and receive valuable feedback from both the teacher and peers).
  • YouTube videos and other multimedia content: add a dynamic and resourceful element, bringing real-life examples, up-to-date information, and captivating visuals to enhance the learning experience. These multimedia resources provide students with interactive content that supports their understanding, fosters interest, and creates a more immersive and impactful virtual classroom environment.)

Next steps: Empowering Education in Far-Off Places

Moving forward, Matías intends to integrate SpatialChat into special activities while continuing to introduce the platform to fellow teachers at UMSA. Additionally, the university is committed to extending its impact by fostering participation and enhancing access to education in remote areas. This includes organizing online events and forging collaborations with neighboring countries like Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, creating valuable educational opportunities for all.


Matías Mazza's innovative use of the platform within the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center has successfully promoted entrepreneurship and innovation across various domains. By leveraging SpatialChat alongside existing tools, UMSA continues to cultivate a dynamic and immersive learning environment for its students and faculty, while also extending its reach to remote areas through online events and participation from neighboring countries.

The emphasis on innovation-driven programs and the increasing importance of digital technological support in business and entrepreneurship studies aligns perfectly with the solutions provided by SpatialChat. Through its seamless integration, interactive features, and ability to foster engagement and collaboration, SpatialChat has become an invaluable asset in driving entrepreneurship and innovation at UMSA and beyond.

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