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SpatialChat Release 27/07/22

Sasha Rosman

Hey SpatialChat Community👋

Here is a new room type Beta release on its way. Let us present Workplace so that Teams get more focused on synchronous co-working and deliver better results.

We’d like to introduce Beta for our Community first to receive your feedback, so be welcome to explore it!

Workplace room is ideal for creative and product teams as it combines collaboration in multiple external services at a single place on a zoomable canvas with team communication and recording results. Such a flow allows managing a project with a 360-degree approach, from idea to product.


  • Working canvas board with massive zoom-in/out option,
  • All users’ sound is carried through the entire room,
  • Fixed bubbles on the toolbar with no right to move,
  • Cursors with the user names are displayed on the canvas in real time,
  • Full-screen and navigation mode with switching between open frames,
  • Indication of the users who interact with the object.

As this time it’s a Beta release, we can provide early access to Workplace only individually now. Please log in to your Space and submit a request by clicking a pop-up notification.

If you have any questions or suggestions,  contact us at or leave a comment here.

You are our Energy and Inspiration to improve the product and deliver more features🔋

With ❤️ from SpatialChat