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SpatialChat Release 23/08/21

— Sasha Rosman

Hey guys!

We worked very hard and cooked new cool features for you because we love you! Feel free to explore🚀


  • Room deep links - now you can go directly to the pre-defined room with just the link without appearing in the first room😍
  • Automatic Map scrolling - everybody had some little difficulties moving around the Map when you needed to move your avatar and after that move the Map.
    But now it’s no more! Just move your avatar, and the Map will move with it - magic.
  • Stage rooms up to 3k - we have many events in SpatialChat with a huge amount of participants and speakers. That’s why we’ve decided to expand listeners capacity for the Stage room.
    Make your event more engaging and fun with more people than ever.
  • Bug fixes and improvements - we’re trying to make SpatialChat better and add some little improvements and bug fixes for the best experience🚀