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SpatialChat Release 18/05/22

Sasha Rosman

Hey guys!

We work hard every day for making the best product for you. And this one is not an exception🥳

Let’s try to explore it 🚀


  • New Stage - here’s a new improved version of the stage for work in larger teams. Now you can have up to 12 speakers on Stage simultaneously! Also, there is a new grid which is better than ever🙂

    We made a deep research on online presenters’ problems and the main is feelings of “black-box” when you present for an invisible audience and you can’t feel their feedback. That’s why we’ve added a new view of “the first rows” where you can see the most active listeners and feel like a part of a real stage. You can see their last messages and reactions from the Room Chat and do your presentation with real vibes.

    Also, we’ve worked with a mobile version and made it comfortable for use with any device🤩 
  • Users’ onboarding in Dashboard - now the way for new users is much easier because we’ve added a short onboarding when you’re there for the first time🙀 Be calm your users will understand how SpatialChat works even before you invite them to call!
  • Public demo widget in Dashboard - if you have any questions or interesting insights about SpatialChat please join in our weekly demo. Now it’s so easy just through your Dashboard😎
  • Direct messages improvement - we know how texting can be important during collaborative work that’s why we’ve re-built our direct messages for the best experience. Now you can start your chat just with one click and your teammate can text you even if you aren’t in Space right now😱 
  • iPad video issues - the world is changing and we need to adapt to it. After some changes in the Safari browser we had some issues with video playing on the iPad. But now it’s fixed and works fine😇