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SpatialChat Release 15/04/22

Sasha Rosman

Hey guys!

We are going so fast because we want to make the best product for you❤️We made a new release with cool new features that you may find very helpful.

Let’s try to explore it and have a nice Friday 🥳


  • Invite users by link - now you can add your Team Members and Guests by simply using a special link. Following this link they are going to be added to the team with a pre-defined role and the best thing is that you don't even need to know their emails🤎 
  • Element locking - sometimes we need to protect our elements on the Map from other users. We've added Element Locker for Admins and Moderators so they can simply lock elements so nobody can do changes to it without unlocking💚 
  • Payment card changing - if you don't have enough money or your card has expired don't worry! You can now change payment data in your Plan details or provide another card on the Checkout page😎
  • Stop video looping - we have a lot of cases when using SpatialChat users need to stop the video from repeating the loop when it's synchronised. Now you can do it just with one click in element settings😌 
  • White-label on the Login page - good news for our dear customers with white-labeling! When you've customised Welcome Page we will carry over this customisation to Login Page automatically and your users will feel at home🏡
  • New restrictions for avatars - we noticed that some of you had troubles with avatar images uploading caused by resolution restrictions set to 1024x1024. Now you can upload bigger images up to 2048x2048🙀

With love, SpatialChat Team 🤎