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SpatialChat Release 11/05/21

Sasha Rosman


  • Audio Rooms - now, you with your teammates can make a new type of room with audio-only for discussing any topics right in your Space. Small talks or a serious dialog about environmental problems - doesn’t matter! Up to 17 speakers and up to 3000 listeners simultaneously! 
  • Add Content - now you can share all your content for customization through the Plus button and edit it with one click or pin it forever.
  • Text blocks (Beta) - now you can try to add on the Map a new type of content - blocks with any text and change it as you like.
  • A lot of small improvements and bug fixes from our Dev Team 🧑🏽‍💻

Audio room (Beta)

Host virtual audio room for live discussions with up to 17 speakers and 3000 guests at the same time. To gather guests in the audio chat room, just share your space link. It also works perfectly on mobile devices.

How to create an audio room

1. As an admin, go to the "ADD ROOM" section (lower right corner);
2. Out of three room types, choose "Audio Room";
3. Press the green "Join" button on the toolbar and start a conversation;
4. To add a new speaker, you can promote guests as a host or respond to the Hand Raise option.

We have built it by following your suggestion on improvement. Now, it will be easy to add text or insert hyperlinks directly to your space. Also, you can style and add background to your text as you like. Pin anywhere in your room to have a permanent position.