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SpatialChat Release 11/04/22

Sasha Rosman

Hey guys!

We check your feedback very deeply and try to improve SpatialChat all the time for your needs. We made some new features and improvements based on your helpful feedback and I hope you'll like it😎

Let’s try to explore our new features 🚀


  • New login flows - we received your messages about a little bit hard process of entering. That's why we've decided to make it easier! Now you don't see our login page if your Space is open and if you're logged in SpatialChat you just need to check your devices before joining into Space🚀
  • Team leaving - now you can leave any Team where you're a Team Member through Team Settings. 
  • Pronoun - the world is bigger than we can expect and there are more personalities than we can imagine. Now you can show how you feel yourself in a special place in your profile💚
  • YouTube video is unavailable - we issued a bug with YouTube videos related to changing API methods on the YouTube side 😥
    We’ve added some changes in SpatialChat and now it works again 🎸

With love, SpatialChat Team 🤎