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SpatialChat Release 07/06/22

Sasha Rosman

Hey guys!

Good news for our mobile users❤️ We’ve never forgotten you and now we have something new.

Let’s try to explore it 🚀


  • Videos and screen share on Mobile devices - now you can use SpatialChat with mobile devices with all the features! You can see videos and screen shares just on your smartphone without any problems. Also we’ve added a lot of small improvements for the Mobile version! Let’s check it out 🧑🏽‍💻
  • Screen share quality improvement - multi-screen share is one of the most important features of SpatialChat and now it’s improved. Fewer cases with disappearing and freezing more stability and speed. Let’s work together🚀
  • Indicator frame for speaker - our Stage is the best solution for town halls, meet-ups, or just short presentations for your colleagues. That’s why we try to improve it each release👩‍💻 Within this one we’ve added an indicator when the speaker is speaking because it’s a small thing but it affects the experience and it’s so important!