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Deployment and downtime notice for SpatialChat Major Release

Sasha Rosman

Dear friends,

This is to notify you that the new SpatialChat release and downtime is scheduled for tomorrow, March 2nd, at 10PM EET.

The old (currently running) site will be ONLINE throughout the migration, however any data created in SpatialChat (room settings, uploaded images, chat messages, etc.) from 10PM EET and approximately until 11PM EET (until release is done) might be lost.

After release (approx. 11PM EET March 2nd), it is estimated that 15% of users might experience issues with SpatialChat, including the complete inability to use the service.

The number of users having these issues will gradually decrease to 0 within the next 48 hours.

This is due to some providers and equipment around the world being incorrectly configured and not respecting DNS TTL rules.

We hope this guide will help in case this affects you.

We will do everything we can to minimize impact, but it's a big move that we're making.