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Instructions for the Escape Game

Sasha Rosman

Welcome, esteemed team of Santa’s helpers! Our Christmas movies have vanished, and it’s up to you to retrieve them.

In this team-oriented game, collaboration is key. All players must progress through each level collectively, offering mutual assistance and jointly solving puzzles.

The goal isn't to be the first to finish or to compete for victory. Instead, the emphasis is on relishing the team's camaraderie and tackling challenges as a unified group.

Game Rules

Begin your adventure by selecting a Team Captain in the "Welcome on Board!" room. This leader is pivotal in guiding the team through the challenges ahead.

Captain's Responsibilities:

  • Password Verification: Ensure every team member has entered the required game password successfully.
  • Coordination and Strategy: The captain organizes the team's efforts in finding items and solving puzzles.
  • Initiating Video Playback: All participants in the game must be present in the designated room for the video. They should start the video simultaneously upon a given signal. Synchronization of actions is crucial for this activity.
Important! To start the video, double-click on the screen and then click the 'Play' button.

Remember, your success in the game hinges on effective teamwork, with the captain steering the ship towards victory!

Your main task is to get to the room called Portal #7.

On the way to it, you will need to find the passwords to each room with a portal and find the one who stole the Christmas movies. To do this, you must visit each room in order (from top to bottom). Each room has a password that you will need to find.

To do this, you will need to:

  • How to enter passwords: Remember, all passwords are to be entered in UPPER CASE.
  • Pay attention: Stay alert and listen closely to the characters' speeches. Hidden within their words are hints that could be critical in unlocking passwords.
  • Solve puzzles: As you solve puzzles, you'll earn pieces of a larger puzzle. Piece these together to form the password.
  • Keep a password: To open the portal room, you must use a password.
Important! Each participant in the game must enter the password.

How to enter passwords:

  • Once you have solved the puzzles and have a password option, you can check whether it fits.
  • To do this, in the right panel with rooms, right-click on the room following the one you are in.
  • A pop-up box with a box for entering the password will open before you.
  • Enter it.
  • You will be taken to the next room if the password is correct.
Remember, all passwords are to be entered in UPPER CASE.

SpatialChat Tools to Assist You

Quick Notes: Utilize the Quick Notes feature to jot down solutions to puzzles and key information. These notes will be accessible to all team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Drag and Drop: Should you stumble upon an image that’s part of a puzzle, simply drag and drop it into the room, making it visible to all teammates for collaborative solving.

Pen on map: The tool highlights crucial things or visual explanations in real-time. This feature is a real must-have if you want to highlight an important detail to your teammates.

P.S. One of the puzzles can be solved only with it.

May fortune be your ally on this festive quest!