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How to increase student engagement in online learning

Here you can find some tips for engaging students online and how to teach online courses smarter.

Sasha Rosman

Online learning can seem intimidating and lonely, but it doesn't have to be. With some thoughtfully planned activities on how to create an online class, there are many ways how an online teacher can turn it into an exciting and enjoyable process for students to bond over!

Here you can find some tips for engaging students online and how to teach online courses smarter.


Find out clear toolset instructions for online lessons

To keep students engaged while learning online, there needs to be an emphasis on having meaningful interactions between teacher and student, as well as among students themselves.

Students who are used to learning in a classroom or a meeting room may have trouble adjusting to such an experience. To help them thrive in this new environment, give them an introduction to online learning, your association’s learning management system (LMS), and their online courses.

Here are some guidelines to help you prepare your presentation for the lesson: they help strive for clarity, conciseness, break up overly long sentences, and reduce repetition.

Moreover, encourage your students to interact with each other openly - have them work together on specific tasks at the end of a session or discuss topics related to the course in class discussions.

Empower learning content

Such fun activities and content tasks as simulations or multimedia tools: videos, podcasts, and interactive quizzes, help to liven up classes online.

Once you are searching for new ways how to engage students in online learning, here are some great tools for these purposes:

  • Miro, a dynamic virtual whiteboard platform for a variety of tasks, is excellent for brainstorming, project management, and practical tasks.
  • Students will definitely like such online game platform as Kahoot, that has become an integral part of the classroom experience and a great way to teach online. Thus teachers are able to create their own tests, quizzes, and activities to fit their lesson plan.
  • With the help of Google Forms, you can create tests, surveys, and quizzes. The service helps to determine tough questions for the learners and what is worth paying attention to while checking the tasks.

Let's create a learning environment where everyone feels involved and included!

SpatialChat is a virtual platform that is ideal for organizing online classes, and it can be used to bring any lesson ideas to life: features for interactive learning.

  • Intuitive and customizable interface for various lesson topics and unique atmosphere,
  • Proximity-based audio that favors splitting students into groups,
  • Features for interactive classes: add video, images, documents, Miro and Google Docs integrations, etc.

Make your lessons interactive: your students will love it!

Just try it! it's easy🙂

Thus, interactive or collaborative activities, such as virtual forum discussions and creating presentations together with virtual gathering to present classmates’ work, will definitely make learning experience more dynamic and stimulating.

So live sessions with interactive activities, engaging online tasks that promote critical thinking, and recognition of students’ achievements through awards or rewards are all great ways to get them excited about their learning experience

Simplify tracking student progress

Tracking student progress during online courses helps to identify areas of difficulty and provide timely feedback. Such tools as online quizzes, surveys, and tests are great to measure how well learners understand the course material.

Create a personalized learning experience for each student by providing feedback specific to their individual learning needs. If a student is struggling with a particular concept, a quiz or test can be used to identify the areas of difficulty and provide tailored support.

  • If an online class is hosted at the SpatialChat breakout room, quizzes or tests can also be embedded via iFrame. Students will definitely like such online game platforms as Kahoot which has become an integral part of the classroom experience and a great way to teach online. Thus teachers are able to create their own tests, quizzes, and activities to fit their lesson plans.

Feedback is a great way to grant support to students and keep them motivated. It can be given in the form of rewards, recognition, or simply a reminder of their progress within their class online. By seeing the progress made, they will be motivated to continue their learning journey.

Advice by SpatialChat Expert
With SpatialChat, it's very easy to make sure that students always have access to study materials by anchoring all the documents in one place. They can enter the space anytime and quickly find the information needed.

Thus, effective communication, structure, and interactive tools create a supportive environment for successful online learning!

Nurture inclusion and interaction

With so many students now learning from home, it can be difficult to stay motivated in the virtual classroom.

Finding ways to ensure there are connections with other learners in the class helps increase online student engagement as well. An excellent example is setting up weekly "coffee talk" sessions where they chat informally about weekends, favorite books, or hobbies.

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